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274. December Again..!

By Piperade
4th December. In talking to people here who went on school trips to England, it appears that just as I have an aversion to andouillette and tête de veau (calf's head), there seems to be one thing, above all, that many French people remember with horror - and that's jelly! (jello in the US). I must admit that I haven't had it for years - but at the time, it was very popular.. With some tinned fruit (pears, pineapple or peaches) and a swirl of evaporated milk, there was always room for seconds! (this was in the fifties remember)
However, on a scale of 1-10, jelly for me doesn't get even close to the horror that is andouillette or tête de veau. It all depends what you are used to I guess.    

1st December. Fingers crossed that December will be drier than the month just gone.
We've been talking about a trip up to Paris - not sure if it will be this month or next year in the Spring - but just writing that has made my mind up!

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