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271. September in the Pays Basque

By Piperade
6th September. Life has been increasingly hectic here with the imminent approach of one of the highlights of the year - yes, it's time for the annual commemorative Comet Line weekend in the Pays basque that will take place 13th - 15th September.. I've been busy translating innumerable speeches and preparing this, that and the other.

In the meantime, here's a long programme that features some of the most beautiful squares in Paris. If the commentary is distracting, just turn the volume down a tad. One particular favorite of ours is the Place des Vosges. If you want to go there directly, start at 23.47.. The square makes a defining statement about the French love of control of Nature, of planned formality, of architecture, of order and precision - and in my view, a fundamental distrust of anything that looks unplanned by the hand of Man. In a nation often seen as unruly and indisciplined, this square reveals a fundamental aspect of the French character - a desire for order in a disorderly world. (which is why they consistently fail to understand the shenanigans of British politics!)(like the rest of us then!) We like the Place des Vosges for personal, entirely different reasons! See what you think:
1st September. If there's a month in which to visit the Pays basque and experience it at its very best - it's September. I realize I could be pushing my luck saying this but the weather is generally stable with average temperatures of 25°C; the sea is still warm; those seasonal visitors with children of school age have returned home - and finding a parking space in the same time zone as the place you are visiting becomes possible.    

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