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250. Christmas Here We Come!

By Piperade
7th December. France is in mourning following the death of Johnny Hallyday who died yesterday aged 74. He was a true showbiz phenomenon and he stood astride French popular music for over 5 decades - while at the same time remaining true to himself and his roots. A simple man from humble origins - he'd been abandoned as a baby - and yet he succeeded in life beyond his wildest expectations. I remember watching this performance from 2003 when he was 60 and he made a spectacular entrance like a latter day Darth Vader and he had the crowd eating out of his hand. He never put less than 100% into his act and his followers came from all ages and backgrounds.. he had a universal appeal in France.
Of course, France being France, the politicised media chatterati were quick to point out that he was a man of the political right (as if that was of any significance!). In fact, one journalist said that "Johnny didn't hide the fact that he supported the political Right".. Why should he have done?
Anyway, enjoy this video as Johnny gives "Que je t'aime" - one of his best songs - the full "treatment"!
3rd December. There was frost all over the car this morning for the first time as we took Nutty down to the beach for his Sunday run.. The alerts were chiming in the car: 2°C! And when we got down to the sea front, there were about half a dozen surfers out there. It was probably warmer in the water than out of it though. The air was crisp, the skies were blue and the grass was white with frost. Fortunately there was no wind.    

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