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25 Things to Love About Hook!

Posted on the 11 December 2016 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7

Hook turns 25 today so what better to celebrate that than coming up with plenty of things to love about the very different tale of Peter Pan? Even if like myself you do not want to admit that one of your childhood favourites is this old as it also means you are therefore older than the film!

I have always seen this as my Peter Pan film as other than the Disney animated version this was the newest one that came out when I was a kid and plus Robin Williams totally owned the 1990s when it came to kids films. He really was our actor, the best thing I think is that these performances have stood the test of time and are really something special.

I just love what Steven Spielberg was doing with this story though what if he did grow up, how would he actually be in life? Would he remember Neverland or was that all just a silly “dream”. I know this film seems to get a little flack but I certainly love it, always have and always will!

Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts about the film! Was this your Peter Pan story? As we certainly have had plenty more since this was released 25 years ago and I still think it is the best one we have had in that time, even though many have tried to re-invent it I think this remains so unique.


1. Robin Williams is Peter Pan!

2. Peter actually grew up and got away from Neverland.

3. He’s still friends with Wendy though, who accuses him of being a pirate now even though he doesn’t understand it yet! 


4. Maggie Smith takes on that role!

5. Peter his kids, who get taken by Hook!

6. We get a very strange scene with mermaids! 


7. Captain Hook’s ship looks like this . . .  


8. Dustin Hoffman plays an incredible Captain Hook alongside Bob Hoskins as Smee 


9. Clever play on words . . .


10. The Lost boys have a new leader, who does not really want Peter back  


11. They don’t believe Tinkerbell to begin with, which makes it even nicer when they realize it really is him!


12. Also when he remembers as well

13. The food fight scene, with fake food and using your imagination really is fantastic 


14. Captain Hook didn’t believe he was actually Peter Pan either 


15. Tinkerbell’s house in the clock 


16. Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell even though it is widely known her nickname during filming was Tinkerhell

17.  This incredible quote that breaks your heart but you love all at the same time 


18. How inspiring the story is, never give up and never stop believing in something or someone

19. Steven Spielberg directed the film

20. When he truly remembers and wins the Lost Boys over! 


21.Cannonball down the stairs in the fight scene!  


22. How important Jack’s love for baseball is within the story! 


23. When the marbles are found and taken back! 


24. This moment, which shows Peter can be a much better dad than has been made out 


25. Are you’re adventures ever really over? 


What do you love (or hate) about Hook? 

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