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25 Grooming Tips For Men (B)

By Attireclub @attireclub

25 Grooming Tips For MenWhen it comes to you overall look, it’s important to pay just as much attention to your clothes and other big items as it is to pay attention to a lot of small details. These details are not only the accessories you wear, they are also the simple rituals you do to groom yourself.

Being well-groomed will complete your look, regardless of the style you adopt.

In this article, we are breaking down some of the most important things you should (or shouldn’t) be doing when you are polishing yourself.

So, here they are, 25 grooming tips for men, broken down into several categories: face, teeth, hair and other.


Shaving & facial hair

  • When you are shaving, always shave in the direction in which your hair is growing.
  • To have a better shaving experience, do it after you have taken a shower, as your pores will be open and your skin a little more moist.
  • It’s important to know that the characteristics of your facial hair are directed by genetics, and not by how often you shave. You can’t control you beard’s thickness and natural color, as much as you try.
  • Also, it is a myth that using more shaving cream will result in a better shave. This does not mean that you should use a little. Finding the right amount for yourself is key. Once you found it, you can keep it as you own rule.
  • While this is not something directly related to shaving, it’s still somehow correlated with your… facial hair: we advise you to trim your nose hair for a younger, fresher look.
  • Speaking of nose hair, the same goes for the small hair in your ears.
  • Make sure you take at least minimal care of your eyebrows. While younger guys usually have more structured eyebrows, older men to have more rebel hair up there. Make sure your eyebrows look their best and don’t be afraid to ask a professional for help (or someone who knows their thing), as doing it by yourself might end up in a disaster.
  • If you choose to trim your eyebrows by yourself, never use a razor, as you might end up in shaving it all off or taking down a big chunk.


  • Make sure that you always moisturize your skin. And this goes for your whole body, not just your face. Men’s skin is usually by 20% thicker than women’s skin, and as we age, it tends to become less elastic and more prone to wrinkles and dryness, which is why we need to take care of it well.
  • You can use the moisturizing product of your choice, as you know your skin better, but there are also other things you can do that can help your skin keep it’s elasticity. You can drink a lot of water or go into more exotic things, such as face yoga.
  • To help your skin, you can get a facial once in a while. Even though facial used to be something associated with women’s care, now they are available for men as well and can help you look younger and more toned.
  • Use exfoliators, but not more than twice a week. Cleansing too much, and especially with abrasive exfoliators can cause dryness to your skin and leave red marks. The skin becomes irritated, and to compensate, it will produce even more oil that you will want to remove. In short, you should find the right routine that works best for your skin type and cleansing program.
  • Make sure you moisturize the skin around your eyes, as this will help prevent potential bags under your eyes to appear.


  • Make sure your teeth are white and always brushed well. You are technically able to keep your teeth for as long as possible if you brush them at least two times a day and you can keep them white if you go to the dentist and have them checked (and do a teeth whitening) at least twice a year.
  • Also,drinking coffee and red wine or smoking will only make your teeth darker and more stained.
  • If you brush your teeth after every meal (which would be ideal), you shouldn’t wash them right then and there. Waiting around 30 minutes is optimal, as brushing your teeth directly after a meal, especially if you had acidic foods and drink, can increase enamel erosion.
  • Flossing your teeth will also help the health of your teeth a lot, as some particles can’t be reached easily with a tooth brush. This note should be taken into consideration by everyone, but especially by guys who have really close teeth.
  • Make sure you change your toothbrush at least twice a year, as they wear out and get filled with bacteria.


  • Make sure you wash your hair whenever you need it. There is no standard for frequency. Some men need to wash their hair more often, while others can even go a few days without washing it. As a rule of thumb: don’t let it get very dirty before you wash it.
  • Don’t forget to trim your hair as often as possible. We always say that a buzz cut is better than unattended hair. If you can’t get a haircut very often, try at least to take care of your sideburns and the hair on your neck. These details really make a difference.
  • Dying your hair has become more accessible to men in the last years, but if you choose to dye your hair, make sure you do it professionally. Most men’s hair coloring creams are made to look natural and to go with your natural hair color current state of going grey, but choosing a color without professional advice is risky, since getting a color that’s too dark or too bright might end in a shock of contrast.
  • Some men believe that stress causes white hair. While this is true, stress is only a very small part of what causes someone to go gray. Also, another myth is that wearing a hat can cause baldness. Baldness is caused by genetics, and even if there are a lot of exterior factors that influence it (which we will discuss in another article), wearing a hat is not one of them.


  • When it comes fragrances, less is more. Perfume is such a person thing, that it really should be done in a subtle and fine matter.
  • It’s important to always have good nails, so always consider your nails a first priority! You don’t need to get  special, professional care if you don’t have the time or the money, but always make sure they are properly clipped.
  • You can get a fresher look by doing Botox, which can be very easily be made today. However, make sure you don’t overdo it!

You now see how so many small details can actually make you look more put together and polished. Next time you look in the mirror with a critical eye, see which one of these things you should be working on and don’t be afraid to make a change!

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P.S. What tips do you have when it comes to grooming? Do you follow any rituals? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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