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2028 Sheva Turquoise and Crystal Summer Cool

By Jewelrygal @1928jewelry

I’m sure you’ve seen our gorgeous 2028 Sheva Collection featured on our homepage. When I first saw the turquoise and crystal ensemble, my jaw hit the floor.  I was so excited, as I always am when seeing brand-new 1928 jewelry.  Especially that clasp bracelet.  Let me tell you, I love a gorgeous clasp bracelet!  Although this particular line is inspired by the French Sun King Louis XIV and the Palace of Versailles, as with all 1928 pieces, you needn’t limit yourself to formal occasions.  As I’ve known since buying my first 1928 piece way back in 1988, the 1928 brand is everyday chic.

Summer is just around the corner, and no color says summer more than turquoise blue. It’s oh-so reminiscent of the fresh ocean breeze and the resort mode that we all want in on.  This turquoise cabachon glass and crystal line is sure to add a bit of sparkle to your knit tops, skirts, and pumps, and inspire longings for balmy days, white sand beaches, and crystal blue water.

x2028 Sheva Turquoise and Crystal Summer Cool

There are eleven items in the 2028 Sheva Turquoise and Crystal line, all made from quality materials and at an affordable price; my pocketbook says thank you.  Four styles of necklace, from casual to more dressy.  Two bracelet styles: clasp and stretch.  I love stretch bracelets almost as much as I love clasp!  Five styles of earrings, from the chandeliers pictured above to the daintiest little buttons on French wire.  Your biggest dilemma will be choosing from among them. Click on the Polyvore set above to see the three styles or check out the new collections here!

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