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2016 Texas Democratic Platform

Posted on the 03 July 2016 by Jobsanger
2016 Texas Democratic Platform
2016 Texas Democratic Platform
The image above is of the preamble to the Texas Democratic Platform, adopted by delegates to the state convention on June 18th. I would love to bring you the entire platform, but it is far too long -- a whopping 43 pages long.
It's not a bad platform. In fact, it's a very progressive platform. I have no problem with what's in the platform. I just think it's far too long. No one will read a 43 page state party platform. I don'y understand why we can't cut it down to no more than two or three pages. At that length, people might read it and decide the party represents their views -- and the media might even print it. As it is, it is little more than an exercise in futility.
I understand that everyone in the party wants to get their own pet belief in the platform, and the party wants to be inclusive, but is a 43 page document going to accomplish anything if no one reads it? This is especially true in the internet age, when everyone expects documents to be short and sweet.
Now that I'm done with my every two years rant, if you want to actually read the platform you can go here.

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