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2014 Marketing Plan Task Thirteen

By Waxgirl333 @waxgirl333

Thirteen may be your lucky number because today you’re going to choose TWO new strategies to implement in your 2015 Marketing Plan. Remember that you ranked your existing strategies and reviewed possible strategies already this week.

Best. Movie. Ever

Best. Movie. Ever

George Patton said that ”A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.”  That means don’t over think this one. Choose a couple of simple strategies and commit to them. They can be as basic as “Choose networking events where I can meet influencers of my business.” I will tell you one thing though. A 2015 marketing plan without at least a tiny bit of content marketing is incomplete. Even if it’s as simple as curating articles you like in your social media networks, you should have some content marketing to be complete.

Think back to your best customer. Consider the strategies that appealed most to you. Where is the intersection between those appealing strategies and the ones you think will best reach your customer. That’s where those two new strategies lie. Write them down. You can have three if you want.

Strategy can be hard. As me questions.


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