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2011 Purpose Prize Winners

By None @DefyGravityToo

From Sherry Lansing, Chair of the Purpose Prize Panel of Judges:

I’m thrilled to congratulate this year’s winners of The Purpose Prize, who prove that age and experience can bring innovation, courage and change.

When confronted with systemic problems, these five people set out to change the system. Today…

–A screenwriter is transforming the care of hundreds of thousands of orphans in China.

–A serial entrepreneur is helping people over 50 launch startups and revitalize Detroit.

–A homemaker is saving lives by making the simple act of cooking safer for women and children in Latin America.

–A professor is easing the transitions of thousands of African immigrants and refugees.

2011 Purpose Prize Winners

–An architect (Edward Mazria, see photo, left)  is challenging entire industries to do more – a lot  more – to reduce carbon emissions.

For extraordinary contributions in their encore careers, these five people just won $100,000 each.  Learn more about them on our website:

The Purpose Prize isn’t a lifetime achievement award. It’s an investment in what these encore  innovators – all over 60 – will do next.

What will you do for an encore? Watch these short videos and get inspired:

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