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2011 in a Post

By Eatingcrowpie @eatingcrowpie
Ok, folks, here's how this works.  I have compiled the biggest and the best posts from 2011 for you in one place so you don't have to hunt for them (isn't that niiiiiiiice?) and all you have to do is click the links (in orange, of course) and read away to your heart's content.  If you want to, totally optional.
Here we go!

My old car reached a high point, we went deer hunting, watched Nikki tear up a toy, and ECP turned 1.
Boots got a little handy around the house and our back yard went to the dogs.
I got plantin' fever, I actually did the plantin', I made a terrarium, I shopped for exec cas, I found a book with a title to live by, I stood on my toilet, I got stung by a bee, I decided to slow down (this was foreshadowing for June, you'll see), and I went back to college.
I thought about new cars, Boots made me supper and vacuumed the dog, and we experienced a true disaster.
I fell in love, we put up curtains, my sister graduated, and I thought about babies.
Sadness started, we went to a wedding, we put flowers in our front yard, we got a new baby, I made coffee, I wrapped up the baby, Boots painted my toes, the much talked about water leak happened, and I got a little sad.
We tore out the kitchen, I went a little crazy, I calmed down, we put up a light and a wall and another light, I wrote to our house, and Frank still sleeps like this.
We worked on our house, our kitchen started coming together, we started on the floor, we scraped glue, our hearts were broken, I cleaned out my phone photos, I dusted, we put down a floor, more dusting,
I used the kitchen, another leak, I remembered, I made a list, and we made it to a year.
We actually did the stuff on the list, I had a birthday, we bought a rug, I painted knobs, I painted doors, I wrote an alphabet, I cooked some stuff, I thought about baby names, we had a wild animal in our house,  I wrote about Christmas before we even had Thanksgiving, and I got a little mad.
I had nothing to write about, something big happened to my photography, I broke one of my big rules, I posted pictures of my messy house, I made toothpaste, and we had a pee problem.    
I put up our tree, and another tree, I spiffied up the kitchen, cleaned out from under my sink, Boots got sick, and we had Christmas.    

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