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2003 Schmitt Söhne Riesling Kabinett

By Brian @WineInMyGlass

This is a quick review of a German Riesling that I had earlier this month.

I’ve discovered that I can sometimes find some older German Rieslings available at a significant discount at some wine shops. German Rieslings age quite well, and I’ve gotten some excellent wines this way.

This particular wine is a Kabinett wine, which means the grapes were less sweet at harvest than an Auslese or Spätlese wine. It is produced by Schmitt Söhne (“Schmitt sons”), and is from the Mosel region of Germany.

This is a light-bodied, crisp wine, with flavors of green apple, lemon, and a hint of honey. The acidity balances the sweetness well. This isn’t as complex as some other German Rieslings I’ve had, but is still very enjoyable. This wine gets my “Good” rating.

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