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20 Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique

By Weddingblog2011

20 Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique

1.   Get a massage for the both of you on the morning of the big day. It’s a great way to relieve some stress and gets you more than ready for the ceremony feeling rejuvenated.

2.   If you’re having a typical American wedding, try incorporating something cultural into the event. If either of you are from a different country, for example Iran, you can decorate the altar with a Persian theme; using jeweled eggs that represent fertility and mirrors to symbolize a bright future.

3.   Tired of hearing the same old ‘Here Comes the Bride’ music as you walk down the aisle? Then mix it up with something different yet good enough to fit the theme of the day. “The Rose” by Bette Midler is a good example of a song that’s bound to get approval from most of your guests.

4.   Make your bridesmaids bouquet unique by personalizing each with flowers that match their birth month. However, try to stick to a specific color theme – white roses, white lilies, white peonies – to make it look unified.

5.   Embellish the bridal bouquet with your birthstone attached to a ribbon.

6.   Embroider meaningful phrases of your special day on the ring pillow. This can later be displayed in your home.

7.   Instead of the traditional tossing of the bouquet to the single women – which can be embarrassing sometimes – try giving the bouquet to the couple who have been together the longest and have them share words of wisdom on the secrets to a good marriage.

8.   Celebrate the woman who has meant the most to you and then give her your bouquet as a tribute.

9.   If you are both fans of specific alcoholic beverages, set up a tasting bar offering up different varieties to your guests.

10.  Instead of the traditional bride and groom as your cake topper, try mixing it up by using items that best represent you as a couple. It could be a taxi showing the first place you met, or a dog – showing your love for your pet.

11.  If you are having a wedding far from your hometown, set up tasting stations with samples of foods from your birthplace.

12.  Spice things up a little and have a little fun with the menu. There’s nothing wrong with tossing in a few guilty pleasures like pizza, mac and cheese, fried chicken or potato skins.

13.  If your wedding day turns out to be blistering hot, try cooling things down by renting a Sno-Cone machine or even getting fake snow and ice!
Have guests reminiscing by posting up pictures of both of you as children in the reception. It’s bound to get conversation flowing.

14.  Have guests be a part of the party by setting up blank cards and pens at each setting. Have them write their favorite memories of you.

15.  If you both graduated from the same college, then have the school’s president officiate at the ceremony.

16.  Make your best man the emcee and have a trivia quiz set up about the two of you. Have guests try to form teams to come up with answers.

17.  Not a big fan of the white wedding gown? Then wear a color that best suits you and makes you stand out from the crowd.

18.  If you have a favorite charity, leave information about it on each place setting and make a donation on behalf of each guest.

19.   At the reception you can set up a mini photo studio where guests can have fun taking pictures, which will then be sent to them in thank-you notes.

20.   Party favors can be wrapped in ribbons printed with your name and wedding date.

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