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20 Top Converting Diabetes Keywords For BingAds

Posted on the 07 December 2016 by Master Adviser - Share Ideas : @masteradviser

Diabetes Keywords converting well in Bing Ads

Authors, content writers and digital marketers; those are writing or selling their products based on diabetes, or any affiliate products and running some CPC campaign, for them, we have build a list of 20 most popular keywords generating maximum click through rates (CTR). 

Find below list of top converting diabetes keywords from my campaigns:


Most Converting Diabetes Keywords

Please remember, Average position may vary upon your bid. If your bid is higher (i.e. you place a high bid amount) then there is possibility of increase in position and you may get #1 position for any of listed keywords. Increase in bid amount will put your Bing advertisement campaign on the search result page appearance or in content marketing appearance. And you will get more clicks and significant increase in CTR. As you all know higher CTR may lead to higher conversion of the product whatever you are selling. So, happy selling!!!
Please note, as per writers experience; some diabetes keywords are country specific. If you are targeting US, UK, CA, AUS, etc then there is some restriction on selling medicine or related products. So you must concern about your landing page and should have content complying those country specific policies.


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