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20 Tips For A Happy Bride: How To Plan A Wedding

By Olga

How to plan a wedding: this is the first thing that the happy couple need to decide together. Being a future bride might be quite a challenge. The wedding is one of the most important life events and one that definitely requires a lot of arrangements. It comes as no surprise that many couples prefer to seek professional advice, but whether you are going to hire a wedding planner with a ready wedding planning guide, or you decide to create all the magic yourself, you have lots of things to consider.

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1. Follow The Wedding Planning Guide

The first thing you will have to think about is whether you are going to need assistance. Of course, you might feel a bit overwhelmed with the task, especially if it involves distance, budget, family matters and other complicated issues. You will need to consider lots of things and do a lot of research, keeping in mind all the details: date, weather, venue, transportation, guest list, invitations, gown, bridesmaids, flowers, decorations, catering service, rings, music, menu, and much, much more. A trusted professional can be a lot of help – so don`t hesitate to consult a professional if you feel like it, after all, this is their job. But even if you already have a wedding planner, you might appreciate these tips on how to plan a wedding from our wedding planner guide.

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2. First Steps To Planning A Wedding

First things first: when you plan a wedding, you should keep in mind that this is a very special event for two of you, which means communication is important. You might have been dreaming about this moment all your life and it is possible that already got all the tiny details neatly planned, but before you start making arrangements and phone calls, make sure you sit together with your loved one and compare your ideas.

How to plan a wedding?

Start with the announcement – how would you tell your friends and both of your families about the happy changes in your life? Would you rather bring in the news in a casual and relaxed way – or would it be a more official family event that needs additional planning?

When will be the happy day?

You two might not be ready to set the exact date yet, but making a rough estimation of season and month is a good idea, so you know how much time you have to get everything organized.

The size of the event.

The same logic as above applies to a guest list – you might put the lists with exact names aside for a while, but making a decision on an approximate number of guests is essential for budget estimations. Do you have similar views on the size of the ceremony and who should be present? Would it be a big wedding or a quiet one with only the closest ones to witness your happiness?

Basic concept.

Do you both agree on the style and basic idea what your wedding should look like – would it be a traditional white dress wedding, or something more original? Would it be a destination wedding, or would you simply celebrate the event in your hometown?
Planning your wedding is not done in a day or two, so don’t postpone to bring up the issue.

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3. Get On With Planning Your Wedding

When you have completed the first steps to planning a wedding, and you have the rough idea of what, when and who with it will be, it’s time for some more details.There are lots of wedding scenarios and each celebration is unique, but there are some tips that could help you.

1) Haste makes waste

The wedding is an emotional event and sometimes we make impulsive decisions. Research the market, compare the offers and get all the necessary information before booking. The wedding budget is your first family budget: stick to it and use it wisely. When you’re in doubt about the choice, sleep on it. Don’t rush.

2) Get inspired

Browse through bridal magazines, Pinterest and Instagram: remember that often it’s small details that make the wedding a special one. Make a visual board for things you especially liked: gowns, food, decoration ideas, flowers – it’s hard to keep everything in mind. You might share your boards with other people to hear their opinion or get a piece of advice.

3) Something old, something new…

The wedding ceremony is probably one the oldest rituals we know, so there are hundreds of wedding traditions. You need to be extra sensitive if you and your fiance have different cultural backgrounds. Choose only the ones that mean something to you. Don’t be afraid to leave behind something you don’t understand – but at the same time, traditional rituals around the world can be a real source of inspiration.

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4) To-do or not-to-do

It’s easy to get lost in all the preparations and forget something. Make a list of everything to do, keep things organized. It’s not easy to plan weddings, but careful planning helps. Set your priorities – more urgent tasks first. You might want to make a chart with all the things (and costs) included, or add some more information to your visual board as your planning comes into life. Making a color code with a highlighter to keep you focused can be a great idea.

5) Teamwork is dream work!

Even if you want to do everything yourself, you need to delegate at least part of your responsibilities to other people. Everyone can do their part. After all, that’s what friends are for, isn’t it? You don’t need to make it all on your own: phone calls and emails can be shared. Making your wedding a group project can be a lot of fun.

6) Don’t forget you are the bride

Talking of delegating responsibilities – don’t forget that you will be just a bit busy on your wedding day. You’ll definitely need assistance if you want to enjoy the day. Ask a friend to help you with all the necessary logistics. Hire a wedding planner. But please, don’t forget – this day is yours to enjoy, not to worry about vendors, musicians, caterers etc.

7) DIY

Yes, you got it right – DIY is the thing. It’s always a good way to express yourself and it adds a certain charm to the wedding ceremony. Hand-made decorations will customize your wedding reception and could save you a lot of money. It’s nice if you are crafty yourself, but even if you are not, there might be someone who is among your nearest and dearest.

8) Be creative

The wedding is the time to create your own traditions. Be original, don’t be afraid to experiment and express your uniqueness. You want to remember this day till the death does you part – try to do something to make it really special. It might be your wows, the first dance as a man and wife, or a speech, or a song – there are endless options, choose your thing and do it.

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9) Wedding vows

Talking about the vows – what can be more romantic, than writing your own vows? Think about all the feelings you would like to express. Browse the Internet for inspiration and some original pieces – lots of celebrities have been very inventive, maybe you could take a leaf out of their book?

10) Don`t be shy to ask for a discount

Being thrifty might save you a dollar or two. The wedding is an expensive event. Don’t hesitate for ask for a discount: even if the vendor refuses – well, at least you tried. But what if the vendor agrees? Don’t be afraid to be more practical. Your married life will give you plenty of opportunities to spend.

11) The atmosphere

Make your wedding more memorable by giving it a theme or a color. Themed weddings become more and more popular: maybe it’s time to live your fantasy and make fairy tales come true? Lord of the rings, Game of Thrones, Star Trek or a wedding from Marvel Comics universe – you name it. Be you. Express yourself! If you are into a more traditional wedding reception, choosing a wedding color could also be a great idea and add some style and glamour. Remember, that aesthetics is important: your photos would remind you and your children of this day forever. Make sure everything looks perfect.

12) Set priorities

There are endless options for wedding decorum and such. You won’t be able to afford all of them, and you don’t need all of them anyway. Create a list of must-have items. which would be the ‘backbone’ of your celebration. The rest is not that important. Relax.

13) It takes two to tango

Don’t be the only one to do all the planning! Let the groom-to-be to have his thing as well. That would be great if he chose what he wanted to do himself – it could be some special ‘men’ activity or detail. It’s important for him not to be left out and to feel participation. Show him that you need his help and advice and you trust his judgment – he will appreciate it, and it will relieve you of a thing or two to think about.

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14) Diplomacy is the key

Talking of groom-to-be and his friends. You might think that some of his friends or even family members are not very nice people. Remember that they are HIS family members and friends after all. The wedding is not a reason to quarrel. This celebration is about the union. If you have several bridesmaids, make sure you include one of his female relatives.

15) The gown

Choose the dress wisely. Wedding fashion is important, but don’t just go after the trendy ones – first of all, the dress should suit you, and flatter your body type. If you are to be married in a church or any other house of worship, remember to check the rules: some religions might require you to cover up your head and/or shoulders.

16) Surprise!

Plan something special and unexpected for your guests – and maybe even for the groom-to-be! Everyone loves surprises! It might be a dance, or a song, or a firework, or any other activity for everyone to enjoy: your wedding – your rules.

17) Make memories

Photographers and videographers are important. Their skills will define, what memories you will be able to pass on to your children. See the portfolio, meet and discuss your ideas to make sure you have a similar vision of the process and the result.

18) Sweet music

Music is vital for the reception. It creates the atmosphere. Listen to the band before the booking and don’t forget to discuss what you expect them to play. Do make a wedding list of your favorite songs and tunes to be performed. Do include ‘your’ song if you have it.

19) Picture perfect

Remember that you are the bride. Your beauty is important: eat healthily, exercise regularly, sleep well. You need to look gorgeous in those wedding pictures – or what’s the sense of all of the other preparations? Visit your beautician and hair stylist before the wedding to practice a hair-do and makeup. Shine bright – this is your day.

20) Keep in mind what it is all about

Whatever you do, remember that all the petty problems are nothing compared to the big day ahead. Don’t worry much about small things – they are unimportant. Even if everything goes terribly wrong, it will simply make the day a more memorable one. Take a deep breath and smile to your groom-to-be – it’s gonna be alright.

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The wedding is a celebration of love and devotion. Have fun. Don’t let anything get in your way. Kiss a lot, smile a lot, love a lot – this is your day, leave out all the rest. Live your dreams and listen to your heart – this is your wedding and your fairy tale. Only you know what’s best for you. Only you know best how to plan a wedding if it is your own wedding. Dream big and make all your wishes come true.

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