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20 The Best Wedding Toasts For Different Types Of Guests

By Olga

As the dictionary says, a wedding toast is this brief, solemn speech preceding the drinking of spirits. Apart from an exciting, instructive story, they also carry a beautiful wish for the well-being, happiness, prosperity of the new family.

Especially for your benefit, we’ve compiled the most helpful tips and examples to make your toast a success. Find out below how to make the best toast no matter who you are at the wedding.

What Are The Wedding Toasts?

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Ironically, the word “toast” as a speech and “toast” as a fried slice of bread have a common origin. Ancient Romans, before drinking wine, dipped bread into it, toasted on fire, so that the drink absorbed the bread aroma.

The ceremony went off, but the speeches traditionally pronounced at the table has become “toasts.”

Among the many wedding toasts and congratulations, there are several obligatory:

  • The first wedding toast – for the young – always says the leader of the holiday. He congratulates the newlyweds, but also sets the tone, sets the audience to the appropriate harmony, romantic, touching, cheerful and fervent, depending on the intended themes and character of the wedding.
  • Toast for the bride underscores her beauty, kindness, youth, femininity, wisdom. These may be wishes to become a real keeper of the hearth, a reliable back for a husband, a wonderful mother and a mistress, an understanding companion, a faithful friend.
  • The toast to the groom reminds that on this day it acquires a new status. Now he is the husband, the head of the family, responsible for both his second half and his family.
  • Toasts for the parents of the young, as gratitude for the fact that they raised such beautiful children. And, of course, with the wishes to be tolerant, wise, to help new married couples and show them an example of a stable marriage and respectful relationship to each other.
  • Toasts, which parents say, referring to the young, are very sincere, wise farewell words, an expression of willingness to help a young family and support in a difficult moment. It is essential that the words are addressed not only to the son or daughter but both of them.
  • The final wedding toast from the newlyweds with words of gratitude to all who came on this day to congratulate the young and wish them happiness.

How To Give An Unforgettable Wedding Toast?

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These few rules will help you correctly pronounce wedding quotes for toasts:

  1. The glass during the speech should be just below the shoulders, approximately at the level of the third button of the shirt.
  2. When pronouncing a toast, one should look at the person to whom it is addressed, and not to the sides.
  3. A glass of champagne is usually drained to the bottom; a glass of wine can be “stretched” several times.
  4. You can’t say “Let me raise a toast” because it is grammatically incorrect. You can raise a glass, and you can tell a toast, say, offer.
  5. During the wedding toast quotes, those present stop talking and put cutlery on the edge of the plate.

From The Best Man

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The best man is the master of the wedding. He has to follow the organizational part, keep in mind all the little things. Another important zone of the witness’s responsibility is to pronounce beautiful toasts.

Here we offer several options for the best man speech tips:

“They say, in a good marriage the husband is the head, and the wife is the heart. So let us drink to the fact that our young people did not know in life either headaches or heartaches!”

“Eva was very jealous. And, although there were only two in paradise, when Adam came home too late, she counted his ribs just in case. We wish our young not to be so jealous, and her husband – not to give an occasion to count the ribs!”

“Love is not a fire, it will catch fire, you will not put out. In the hearts of our young people, the fire of love burns. This is a sacred fire. So, fill our glasses and amicably drink to ensure that it never goes out in their hearts!”

“I drink to ensure that our newly married and in 10 years and 20 years of family life, looking at his charming wife, lost his head, but not reason.”

“Friends! I offer a drink for a kiss! After all, he came up with a man, because he did not find any other way to close a mouth to a woman.”

From The Maid Of Honor

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The task of the maid of honor is to help the bride before, and during the wedding, She assists in choosing a bridal outfit, rehearse her hair, a bouquet, and other vital trifles. Of course, this is not an unimportant duty, especially when it comes to saying a toast.

Here are some beautiful marriage quotes for this occasion:

“In our time, there is an expression: ‘it’s not marvelous that they diverge, marvel that they live». So, live on the marvelous, dear our newlyweds!”

“A real woman can make a man who surrendered to her, always think that he is the winner. Look at our groom. He looks like a winner. Therefore, let us drink to his beautiful victory and the woman who allowed herself to be defeated, the bride.”

“It is rumored, in a perfect family the wife does not pay attention to where the money comes from, and the husband does not notice where they are going. Let you have a truly ideal family!”

“What is the difference between the fairy tale and the reality? A fairy tale is when he married a snake, and she became a princess. A realitywhen it on the contrary. Let the life of our newlyweds be like a fairytale!”

“When a man is persistent, he will certainly achieve what a woman wants. Let’s drink to ensure that the purposefulness of men and the vagaries of women coincide!”

From Parents

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No doubt, wedding congratulation from parents are a wonderful tradition. It shows the newlyweds how their father and mother are happy for them.

Therefore, we suggest a few but lovely words for parent’s toasts:

“Dear children! Let your marriage be happy! Live in friendship and harmony. We always want happiness to be long, and therefore I wish you happiness only eternal, only bright love, only faithful friends! So, let your union be happy!”

“To live in love and harmony before the silver wedding, the wife must have a golden character, and the husband – iron endurance. So, let’s drink to a reliable alloy of two metals, for the fusion of the souls of the newlyweds!”

“They say that in a good marriage, the husband is the head, and the wife is the heart. So, let us drink to the fact that our young people did not know in life either headaches or heartaches!”

“The secret of a successful marriage lies in one popular wisdom: you do not need to love as much as possible, but as long as possible! So go quietly, you will continue! So, let’s drink to the leisure of the young!”

“Today we wish you happiness. May the Lord protect you from the storm and bad weather, the language of people, from pain and illness, from hard years, from a vicious circle. And God grant you a lot of passion, ardor and love! And a lot of happiness!”

From Other Guests

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Also, apart from the key wedding figures as a best man, maid of honor, parents, etc., a wedding toast can go from any of the guests.

If you’re one of those and willing to highlight your presence and your right attitude to the newlyweds, then these examples are for you!

“A beautiful mistress of the hearth will smite the guests with a smile. Let’s drink to the luck of the groom! He found a reliable rear now.”

“A spouse is a support in life. Strengthening the pillars, we extend our life. So, let us drink to the spouses and for them to always love and support each other.”

“In Greece, there was the goddess Nika, who brought the victory in the battles. She held a palm branch in her hands, a symbol of primacy. Let’s wish the bride to bring her husband a victory, good luck, like a real Greek goddess!”

“The meaning of life is the family, this is our destiny, in fact, for the sake of the family and our children we all live! Let your life be happy, and the smiles and joy of your loved ones will warm your hearts with warmth and comfort!”

“I wish you to be attacked immediately after the wedding. Let in a dark-dark night you will be attacked by desire and passion. And you can never get rid of them!”

What Does The Couple Do During The Toasts?

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During the toast, according to the etiquette, the groom should listen to the toast standing, but the bride does not have to get up.

If the number of guests is small, clink glasses with everyone present. While you do not need to reach across the table, it’s best to clink glasses with your nearest neighbors and greet others by lifting your hand with a drink in their direction or with a friendly nod.

How To Customize A Sample Toast And Make It Your Own?

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If you want to remake a toast or compose it yourself, then follow this toast making plan and you will definitely succeed.

  • Tell what you think about the newlyweds.
  • Thank (for a pleasant joint experience, or for a right attitude, you can always find, why thank the newlyweds.)
  • Tell a funny story from your shared experience.
  • Say a compliment.
  • Finish the toast on a positive note.

Wedding Toasts You’d Better Not Say

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Of course, making toasts is equally tricky. Even more difficult is not to say anything superfluous.

If you do not want your toast to become the most absurd part of the holiday, read these tips:

  • Do not embarrass the newlyweds.
  • Do not talk too much about yourself.
  • Do not cry.
  • Eliminate rude jokes and jokes.
  • Keep track of time.
  • Do not be shy.
  • Remember that you congratulate a couple, not one of them.

We hope you enjoyed our article and our tips will be useful to you!

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