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20 Reasons Why Vegetarian Diets Are Good For The Environment

Posted on the 30 November 2019 by Infographixdirectory @infographixdir

Vegetarian diets are becoming an increasingly popular choice around the world. More than ever before, people are choosing to eat more plants and fewer animals products for reasons that range from ethics, and affordability, to environmental concerns.

This infographic outlines 20 reasons why vegetarian diets are specifically good for the environment. Concerns around climate change and global warming are highly topical, and people seeking ways to make “greener” choices — including with a vegetarian diet and lifestyle.

The infographic covers some key environmental aspects that can benefit from people switching to a vegetarian diet. The first selection of reasons are based on the impact on land itself — from deforestation and the destruction of environments, to water consumption.

The next selection of reasons are based on concerns around emissions that damage the environment.

These cover the the reduction of carbon emissions by switching to a vegetarian diet, saving energy, greenhouses gases, and the amount of harmful emissions generated by the meat industry. The infographic also describes the emissions generated by livestock in farming.

The infographic does not only cover the vegetarian diet either, but also mentions vegan or entirely plant-based diets. This dietary choice has a dramatic impact on the reduction of harmful emissions.

More reasons are also given in a section highlighting the use of water. The difference in water consumption when producing beef is compared to wheat is compared, for example. Water is also highlighted as a vital resource that switching to a vegetarian diet can help to protect.

Overfishing, declining ocean population, and the meat industry’s pollution of the oceans is also mentioned.

Finally, the infographic touches on what is perhaps most commonly associated with the switch to a vegetarian diet — the impact on animal welfare.

The infographic provides a clear, simple, yet comprehensive selection of positive reasons to consider a vegetarian diet to help the environment — and also provides sources for its claims.

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20 Reasons Why Vegetarian Diets Are Good For The Environment

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