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20 Movies I Missed from 2015

By Newguy

20 Movies I Missed from 2015

Today I am going to look at the 20 most successful film is the box office that I failed to see in 2015. These are not in the order I would have wanted to see them and I am sure I will catch up with these in 2016 unless I say I will miss them and number 20 is the film that made the most money from the Box Office Mojo website. This post is to explain why these films didn’t make any of my awards too.

20) Cinderella


This is one that I will be catching up on in 2016.

19) Spectre


I didn’t watch this one because I want to go back and see all the Bond films from Dr No till this one but as I haven’t seen any new Bond movies since Die Another Day I will need to see how the Daniel Craig Bond comes about before seeing the last one.

18) Pitch Perfect 2

pit perfect 2

This is one I liked the original but now I want to see the sequel which somehow I just missed.

17) Hotel Transylvania 2


This isn’t something I really want to see but once it makes television I will get around to it.

16) Fifty Shades of Grey

50 shgades

This might be missed, but you never know.

15) The SpongeBob Movie Sponge Out of Water


I have No plans to see this one SpongeBob doesn’t appeal to me at all.

14) Straight Outta Compton


I will be catching up with this one but I am not the biggest fan of the style of music being used.

13) The Peanuts Movie


Snoopy and Charlie Brown are not the biggest animation to me but I will watch once it comes to television.

12) Trainwreck


I personally don’t find Amy Schumer funny in one bit this will most likely be one I will never watch.

11) Creed


This is one I have missed because I am not up to date with the Rocky films and I am getting through them all first.

10) Get Hard

get hard

As you can tell by now comedy isn’t my favorite genre and this hasn’t appealed to me but I will see in the end.

9) Goosebumps


I don’t know how I missed this one, I loved them as a kid and wanted to see this one.

8) Paddington


I will be watching once it makes television but am not desperate to watch.

7) The Intern


A comedy I would have actually liked to have seen because I do think this could have been one of the better ones.

6) Paul Blart Mall Cop 2


Yes this did make $70 million, I don’t know how but I will watch, mostly likely drunk.

5) Bridge of Spies

bridge of spies

This is one I should have watch simple as that.

4) War Room


This is one I never really ever learnt much about but will watch it to learn about it.

3) Magic Mike XXL


You know I won’t be seeing this one.

2) The Wedding Ringer


I will catch up with this one but I am not looking too much to it.

1)   Black Mass

black mass

A style of film I am not looking forward to seeing but will get to around to seeing.

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