2 Most Important Rules for Effective Skin Cleansing

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2 most important rules for effective skin cleansing

Skin cleansing is a basic beauty ritual, without which it is impossible to keep it healthy, young and radiant. But here it is important to understand that for this it is not enough just to remove makeup every day. We are talking about a thorough cleansing of the skin, which is aimed not only at the remnants of decorative cosmetics. Why is it necessary? How often and with what means to cleanse the skin? You will find answers to these questions in the advice of cosmetologists in this article.

Why is it important to cleanse your skin?

Facial cleansing is an indispensable part of home care, and there is a simple and logical explanation for this. The skin is the largest organ of the human body, providing protection from bacteria and viruses, shock, friction, temperature changes, allergens and other external factors. Every day she is subjected to huge loads, and most of all she "gets" to the face, because it cannot be covered with clothes.

What affects the skin:

  • unfavorable environmental conditions, due to which dust particles with heavy metals and toxins can settle on the face;
  • particles of makeup and care products, sunscreens that clog pores, interfere with their breathing and self-cleaning;
  • stress and lack of sleep, which can cause more sebum to be produced, leading to the formation of blackheads.

Based on the above, it is easy to conclude that skin cleansing is very important as a procedure that helps rid the face of impurities accumulated during the day. If it is impeccable, such care will support this condition and prevent inflammation, premature wilting and aging. For problematic skin, cleansing can help reduce breakouts and remove impurities that are breeding grounds for bacteria that cause acne.

2 important rules for effective skin cleansing

The whole process of skin care, in particular cleansing, can be systematized as follows:

  • daily cleanse the skin with make-up remover, as well as washing with special gels or foams;
  • weekly deeper cleansing using special masks with a peeling effect.

In addition to home care, it is necessary to periodically visit a beautician for salon procedures.

Rule 1 - Regular daily washing to cleanse the skin

Speaking about how to properly cleanse the skin, it must be said that this must be done every day, in the mornings and evenings. After waking up, you release the skin from sweat with toxins and excess cells that are formed during nighttime tissue regeneration, when division occurs 8 times faster than during the day.

In the evening, cleansers will help not only remove makeup, but also rid the skin of impurities accumulated during the day. Due to this, the pores will not be clogged with dust, keratinized particles and sebum, which will prevent the appearance of inflammation, and will also help to use other care products more efficiently, because they will better penetrate deep into the epidermis.

Daily cleansing should be gentle, therefore, not aggressive scrubs are used for the procedure, but soft gels and foams - the former are relevant for oily and combination skin, the latter for all types, but especially for dehydrated and sensitive.

When washing, it is important to pay attention not only to the face, but also to the neck. After water procedures, the skin is not wiped, but blotted with a towel so as not to injure or stretch. The face should remain slightly damp - this will help to better penetrate deep into the tonic, which is applied after cleansing. Toning is often seen as an essential step in cleansing and should not be forgotten as tonic restores the pH balance of the skin that is disturbed by hard tap water and prepares it for further care by helping to improve the penetration of the beneficial substances of the serum or cream.

Rule 2 - Periodic Intense Cleansing to Exfoliate

In addition to daily care, any type of skin periodically needs a more thorough cleansing like peeling. They help to exfoliate dead cells, remove sebum deposits, cosmetic residues, dust and dirt, which conventional soft gels and foams that are used for other purposes cannot cope with.

A deeper cleansing of the skin is necessary, because under the harmful influence of the environment and due to disruption of the sebaceous glands, dead skin particles do not have time to leave the surface of the face. As a result, they accumulate on the skin, make it difficult for skin care products to penetrate, interfere with normal tonal foundations, and also provoke the appearance of inflammation.

The following signs indicate the need for intensive cleansing:

  • dull complexion;
  • uneven terrain;
  • an abundance of small pimples;
  • black dots;
  • enlarged pores;
  • feeling of a greasy film on the face.

If there are such signs, then cleansing is definitely necessary, and if there are none, it must be carried out for prevention. This is done periodically - at least once a week for dry and 2 times for problem and oily skin.

The main thing is not to take scrubs with large abrasive particles, because they leave microtraumas, which are the "gates" for infection. Cosmetics with enzymes help to effectively and safely cleanse the skin of the face, which delicately removes everything unnecessary from the surface of the epidermis, and in addition nourishes and saturates with various valuable substances.

Examples of such products from the series of professional care products of the PROFKA brand:

  • enzyme powder for washing ENZYME CLEANSING POWDER. Contains papaya enzymes for an express peeling effect. Additionally, it includes a prebiotic that promotes the growth of beneficial skin microflora, as well as potato starch, which softens, nourishes and tones the skin;
  • enzyme peeling mask RENEW ENZYME EXFOLIANT. Like the previous remedy, it contains enzymes, but not papaya, but pumpkin. These substances are known for their exfoliating action, which is similar to the effect of AHA acids. At the same time, pumpkin enzymes act more gently, so they are suitable for any skin, even sensitive. Additionally, the mask contains an extract of sea buckthorn berries, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, and a complex of natural oils, which contributes to high-quality hydration, smoothing and restoring the protective barrier of the skin.

Due to deep cleansing of the skin, such products well remove dead cells and impurities, and also prepare the face for the next stages of care.

With this approach, the skin will always be healthy and radiant, and problems such as dryness, rashes, black spots, oiliness and other imperfections will very rarely bother you.

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