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2 More New gTLD’s Settled; Amazon Loses .Box; L’Oréal Wins .Hair

Posted on the 19 February 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

Two more new gTLD’s that were scheduled to go to the ICANN Last Resort Auction next week have been settled by privately.

Amazon has withdrawn its application for .Box leaving NS1 Limited of Hong Kong who is run by the same principal of .Asia, Edmon Chung as the winner.

It seems .Box see’s itself as a competitor to .Cloud.

Here is how .Box explains its vision for the extension in its ICANN application

“.box is about the making the Internet (the cloud) personal.Personal computers (PC) fundamentally changed the way we approached and view work as well as organize our life. The Internet profoundly changed the way we communicate and consume information. An important commonality of the two is how open, accessible technology enabled the decentralized empowerment of users. Before the PC, the industry was dominated by mainframes; before the Internet, proprietary networks competed for technical supremacy. Today, the “big brothers” are driving users towards massive online databases, i.e. cloud computing, albeit distributed technically is centralized in administration.

The .box TLD aspires to be a namespace promoting the use of personalized cloud technologies to connect personal devices, such as desktop PCs, laptops, mobile, tablets, etc., to form one’s own personal cloud without being tied to proprietary centralized clouds. While dedicated to personal cloud, .box is for the businesses too. We believe, much like PCs have changed the workplace, personal cloud technologies will support workplace development as well.

The vision of the .box Registry is to promote a decentralized empowerment of users by bringing the full capabilities of a user centric Internet to personalized devices.”

The second new gTLD to get resolved was for .Hair in which L’Oréal beat Afilias for the rights to operate the string.

There is only one ICANN new gTLD string now scheduled for ICANN Last Resort Auction next week and its the most applied for extension, .APP.


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