2 Interesting November Birthstone for Scorpio Citrine and Topaz

Posted on the 14 January 2019 by Emil Sipos @emilPsipos

Month November spans across two Zodiac signs – Scorpio and Sagittarius. Considering this, we may say that both Zodiac signs may use Citrine and Topaz gemstones as their birthstones, lucky stones and talismans. Of course, for persons born as Sagittarius in December, they should focus on other gemstones listed particularly for them.

Persons born in Zodiac sign of Scorpio can use other gemstones as their November Birthstones, like: Citrine, Topaz, Chrysoprase and Pearls. All those gemstones have different properties for Scorpios so here are their main usage:

  • Topaz – modern birthstone for November, stone for Zodiac sign of Scorpio, stone for Zodiac sign of Sagittarius, Planetary stone for Sagittarius
  • Citrine – modern birthstone for November, traditional birthstone for November
  • Pearl – mystical gemstone for November
  • Ruby – gemstone for Planetary sign of Scorpio
  • Chrysoprase – ancient Romans used it as November Birthstone
  • Garnet – Planetary stone for Scorpio
  • Amethyst – talisman gemstone for Scorpio, Sagittarius birthstone gem
  • Sapphire – Sagittarius birthstone crystal
  • Aquamarine – Scorpio birthstone crystal

Topaz as November Birthstone

For many centuries mention of Topaz gemstone was connected to the thoughts of luxury, generosity and influence. This gemstone was always connected to true love, fidelity, friendship, gentle nature, wisdom, success and courage. Its energy comes from the Sun. Topaz is one of the most beneficial and loving gemstones.

Topaz brings its wearer lasting energy, joy, abundance and generosity so if you are born in November, you need to think about it as one of the best November birthstone. People believe that Topaz draws its energy directly from the sky. It promotes forgiveness, expression, aspiration and confidence. It is also considered that it has Lunar connections as well.

Topaz comes in wide range of different colors, shades and hues. Mostly, this gemstone comes in following colors:

  • Blue Topaz – stimulates self confidence and persons ability to learn and think. It carries energy of the knowledge and mind. It is inspirational stone that inspires attention, creativity and helps wearer to achieve perfection. This is stone of peace, calming emotions, great for meditation and help with spiritual healing.
  • Clear Topaz – stimulates energy of the spirit. This stone brings awareness of your thoughts and has good karmic effect. It is used for stimulation of Crown Chakra, purifies emotions and helps healing the soul. This stone helps removing stuck energy and helps with discovering inner knowledge and abilities.
  • Imperial Topaz – helps with manifesting persons desires, personal will and activates Crown, Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra. It is known to increase creativity, attention, brings abundance and tune wearer with the Universe. It is great for people that seek fame and popularity.
  • Pink Topaz – helps persons experience the presence of the Divine. Helps with honesty, openness, integrity, brings good fortune and love. This gemstone stimulates Heart Chakra and helps wearer attracting real love. It is great for easing sadness especially if you have been hurt by person you love.
  • Purple Topaz – this gemstone amplifies spiritual wealth, brings energy of prayer and blessing. It is connected to Heart and Crown Chakra. This stone is great talisman for helping people with big decisions, helps logic and improves thinking. Also, it will protect you from bad people or those that can you cause you harm.
  • Brown Topaz – this is one of the best gemstones for building long lasting friendship, boosting confidence, strength, stability and commitment. Brown Topaz will help its wearer to become more open and welcoming towards new people. It stimulates Root Chakra improving security, motivation and strength.
  • Rutilated Topaz – this is really rare Topaz gemstone that is totally beautiful. It stimulates Third Eye Chakra and is great for visualization and manifestation.

Topaz Meaning and Use

This unique gemstone got its name from the word “topazos” that literally means “to seek”. In ancient time this stone came from Topazios Island in the Red Sea. Interestingly, this island actually never produced Topaz but Peridot gemstone. Some historians believe that its name comes from Sanskrit where this stone was called tapaz or topas.

Topaz is main November birthstone connected to good fortune, love and bringing success to the wearer. It is one of the best stones for attracting right people into your life for both long lasting friendship and love. It is great for improving current relationships and well bringing trust, honesty and faithfulness.

When chosen as November birthstone, Topaz will help you uncovering lies, illusions, guiding you on a road of truth. It will help you uncover fraud in love and business. This is great gemstone for lifting up your spirit, improving the mood and help you feel better about yourself. Topaz will help you fight depression, control anger and calm emotions.

Topaz Healing Properties

Topaz is great November birthstone for manifesting well-being, health and fixing problems within the body. It is great for the nerves, digestion and for stimulating metabolism. People believe that it can help with eating disorders, especially with anorexia problems. When used as an elixir, Topaz provides great way for dispersing energy through entire body.

In the past, people used it to heal eye problems, vision problems and healing mental illness. As November birthstone crystal you may use it to improve taste and reduce cardiac pains and snoring. It is one of the best stones for healing emotional body. Energy of this gemstone can teach you the truth, forgiveness, replace negative feelings and fears.

Citrine as November Birthstone

Citrine is one of the best imagination and manifestation gemstone that carries the power of the Sun. Its energy is warm and comforting. It is used to clear the mind, stimulate Chakras and awaken imagination and creativity.

Citrine is Quartz variety that has yellow color and it can range from pale yellow to honey and light brown. Name of this beautiful gemstone comes from French word citron that literally means “lemon”. In the past, ancient Greeks mistaken it for Gold Topaz. Nowadays, most Citrine that is found on the market is actually heat treated Amethyst.

Citrine is traditional and modern November Birthstone and birthstone for persons born as Scorpio.

Citrine Meaning and Use as November Birthstone

In the past people called Citrine “The Merchants Gemstone” since merchants tend to keep it in their cash-boxes. In fact, it was not used for acquiring more wealth but maintaining it. Citrine is gemstone of manifestation and abundance, it can attract wealth, success and prosperity. This stone encourages generosity as well with good fortune. Great way for using this stone is just carrying it in the purse. By doing this, you will attract more money, stop excessive spending and improve your overall wealth.

Citrine is amazing support gemstone that improves communication for people working in sales, bankers, casino workers, merchants and people in media. Also, this gemstone is great for people working as healers and medical personnel. It is known as one of the best stones for improving productivity. Since it is improving creativity, all people in art should wear it.

Citrine Healing Properties

This gemstone is known as one of the greatest stamina and energy supporters especially for endocrine system. This stone encourages metabolism and it is one of the most effective gemstones for reversing degenerative disease. Citrine balances thyroid and diminish its growth.

Citrine is great for stimulating spleen, digestion and pancreas. It is great for relieving skin problems, allergies, hair problems and other issues related to those connected to chemicals.

Natural Citrine stone is great for eliminating problems with bladder and kidneys, especially with infections. This stone is used for treatment bed wetting with kids and especially adults. You can also use Citrine elixirs for revealing menopause problems, hormone imbalance and fatigue. People also use those elixirs for vomiting and nausea.

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