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1st Day New gTLD Totals: .Church 4,044; .Guide 3,387; .Life 2,106; .Loans 632; .Republican 385

Posted on the 18 September 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains

Five new gTLD’s went into general availability (GA) on Wednesday.

Including domains registered in the Sunrise period by trademark holders and by those willing to pay an extra charge to register domain name in the Early Access Program (EAP) prior to GA here are the number of domain name registrations after the first day of GA:

.Church 4,044

.Guide 3,387

.Life 2,106

.Loans 632

.Republican 385

So we have further indication that religion beats politics.

In general the political domains have been a disaster.

Between Republican, .GOP and .Democrat new gTLD’s the total number of domain registrations are under 3,500 combined more than less than .Church domain registrations.

Radix which was suppose to go into GA on Wednesday for .Host, .Press and .Website, announced that the launch would be delayed to today.


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