Business Magazine Tops 4 Million New gTLD Pre-Reservations; Adding 1.5 Million In a Month

Posted on the 13 November 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

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The domain name registrar, just topped 4 Million pre-reservations for new gTLD domain names.

The registrar announced earlier this week that they were accepting pre-registrations for 4 new gTLD’s, .BIKE, .SINGLES, .HOLDINGS and .CLOTHING which are different that pre-reservations. recently announced they have spent over $50 million dollars in television and other marketing of new gTLD domain name pre-reservations.

On October 24th passed the 3.5 Million mark in pre-reservations.

On October 11th passed the 3 million pre-reservation mark.

On September 22nd blew past the 2 million mark in pre-reservations.

So basically in just over a month added 1.5 million pre-reservations.

A pre-reservation does not require the customer to pay anything for the pre-reservation and does not really entitle the customer to much either.

However a pre-registration is different as the customer has to put in their credit card information and will be charged if the domain name is acquired for them by the registrar.



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