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18 Best Hiking Shoes for Women in 2022 For Happy Trails

By Monkeys And Mountains Adventure @Laurel_Robbins

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The best hiking shoes for women that are functional, comfortable, and still look good exist, trust us. Check out our guide.

Finding the perfect pair of hiking shoes for women can be tricky. There are so many styles and features to consider and it also depends on the type of hikes you'll be doing.

But worry not! In this article, I'm going to share with you my top picks for the best hiking shoes for women. I'll also explain why certain features matter and help you decide which ones are the right ones for you.

I've been hiking for over 20 years and have gone through quite a few pairs of hiking shoes and hiking boots during that time. While hiking shoes vs hiking boots is a matter of personal preference, I have both. I use my hiking shoes on easier, shorter hikes and my hiking boots on longer hikes or technical terrain.

18 Best Hiking Shoes for Women in 2022 For Happy Trails

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Top 3 Best Overall Quality Hiking Shoes for Women

Hiking Shoes That Deserve a Special Mention

No guide of mine would be complete without these amazing hiking shoes for women. If your next great hiking adventure requires a specific type of hiking shoe, check out my special mentions.

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Best Value Hiking Shoes for Women

Buying Hiking Shoes for Women Pro Tips

To choose the perfect pair of hiking shoes for women, consider the following factors:

* Comfort: Do you prefer a shoe that feels soft against your feet or does comfort matter less? Always pay attention to comfort when buying hiking shoes. Every women's foot is different so what feels good for a friend may not feel good for you. I'd also recommend looking for a shoe with a cushy sole since that will provide more comfort on long hikes. Comfort is the #1 factor when choosing a pair of hiking shoes.

* Stability: Will you spend hours hiking over rugged terrain or plan to hike on easy paths? The type of terrain you'll be using them on will determine how rugged of a shoe you need

* Durability: Look for hiking shoes with a rugged sole to help ensure long-term durability so that you can use the same pair for several years - or longer, depending on how often you hike.

* Fit: Your hiking shoe should fit comfortably and your heel shouldn't lift when you raise it. They should be a bit snug but not rub - that will cause blisters and discomfort when your feet swell after hiking for several hours.

* Waterproofing: Does your next hiking adventure require waterproof hiking shoes or are water-resistant hiking shoes enough? It depends on where you're hiking and the range of weather conditions you'll be hiking in.

* Traction: Does the hiking shoe allow you to confidently climb steep inclines and descend on slippery slopes without fear of falling? Grippy soles provide more traction, so be sure to check the sole when buying hiking shoes.

* Weight: Which is more important to you? A lightweight shoe with less support? Or do you prefer more support and a heavier hiking shoe? There's no right answer. It depends on the type of hikes that you'll be doing and whether or not you'll be carrying heavier loads or a light day pack.

* Price: If you hike only occasionally and stick to mainly easy hikes, you can get away with value-priced hiking boots. On the other hand, if you hike regularly or on rugged terrain, it's worth investing in a high-quality durable pair of hiking boots.

While each person has different preferences, the above tips can help you narrow down your choices and help you buy the right pair of hiking shoes for you.

Hiking Tip: Once you've found the perfect pair of hiking shoes, remember to break them in before your hike to prevent painful blisters.

With our guide to buying hiking shoes for women, you've got our top recommendations and know what features to look for. Happy Hiking!

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