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17 Weeks

By Eatingcrowpie @eatingcrowpie
17 Weeks

I skipped last week's photo because I just wasn't feeling it. Pretty blah.
This week, I got motivated. I took pictures this morning as opposed to this afternoon, hence the fairly nice looking hair.
And those pants were per-fect-ly flat when I put them on. Five minutes later- wrinkles. Starch didn't work and I don't like to use the dry cleaners because they make my clothes stink.
And, no, I did not wear my Captain Planet shirt to work, just the pants.
Not JUST the pants! You know what I meant!
Anyways, back to the baby business. The kid is supposed to be turnip or apple-sized.
I can definitely feel a turnip or apple-sized something or the other in there when I try to bend over. I feel like I'm squishing something. Somebody.
I don't feel any movement yet but, they say i should soon. Now he/she is supposed to be able to hear my voice resonating through my body. I bet it sounds like yelling underwater.
I still haven't been sick yet and I am unbelievably thankful for that. I just hope it doesn't catch up with me in the end.
My tastes are definitely changing. I ate salted nuts this weekend at my sister's wedding and I liked them! For anybody that's known me longer than a brownie, eating nuts and liking them is no small thing. I've always detested, abhorred, hated nuts vehemently!
This is getting weird.
But I like it.

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