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16 Tips To Properly Choose a Baby Bed That Meets Federal Safety Guidelines

By Upliftingfam @upliftingfam

Portable Baby CribI remember the moment that I found out that I was expecting my youngest son. I didn’t have any baby gear left from my older kids, in fact, I gave it all away years ago. The first thing we bought for my son was his crib and mattress set. Daniel, who is a famous author, wanted to share some excellent tips for selecting a crib. I had no clue that there were so many regulations and safety guidelines for cribs. After reading his post, I quickly learned that you should avoid buying a used crib for your baby and you should never sacrifice comfort for your baby’s safety. Thank you for sharing such an important article Daniel.

For every parent, a new born baby is one of the most incredible gifts. Their cute little face can make you weeping with joy. As a parent, you’ll surely want to provide every comfort to your little baby. The more time you spend with your baby, you will learn a lot about caring for your newborn. Your baby needs a healthy dose of love and affection; however, parents are required to know how to give their baby the comfort, nourishment, and attention that your baby needs.

When choosing products for your little one, it’s obvious to get confused because there are a ton of products available to choose from and they all claim to be the best product for your baby. Along with the quality, parents need to take into consideration is your baby’s safety.  Never compromise your baby’s safety when choosing baby products . When considering buying nursery products for your baby, the first name that comes into mind is baby bed or cot. In fact, you can find a large variety of baby cots online at good prices.

Your baby will spend a lot of time sleeping during the first few months and you should invest in a quality crib, crib mattress, and bedding products. A portable baby bed is a great addition to your baby shower registry because it can be used as a co-sleeper, when you and your child are traveling, or staying with their grandparents.  A pack n play is a great portable baby bed because it is portable and it is easy to set up. Below are some facts about baby beds and portable baby beds that every parent must know:

    • Be very careful when buying second-hand baby bed as they can pose a hazard to children. Thoroughly check each and every part of the cot for any faults, loosen parts, sharp edges, bolt adjustments, etc.
    • Older cribs are subject to recalls so if you do buy a used baby bed you should make sure that it hasn’t been recalled.
    • Before buying a new baby for your child, make certain that it complies with the safety standards in your particular country.
    • The bigger the gaps are in a baby bed can increase the odds that your child can become trapped.  Depending on the gap size in the crib slats your baby’s head, arms or legs could get stuck. Always make sure that the bars or panels of the baby bed that you are considering purchasing should have slats that measure between 50 mm and 95 mm apart. If the slats and panels are made from quality products it is important to make sure that the crib slats are spaced less than 95 mm (2 3/8in roughly the size of a soda can) apart.  If the slats are spaced more than 95 mm apart, you should skip purchasing the baby bed and find one that meets safety guidelines.
    • When shopping for a crib, give it a good wobble.  You want to choose a crib that is stable and doesn’t wobble or rattle too much. If it wobbles or rattles too much it may have been put together improperly or it is made of cheap materials.
    • Invest is a convertible crib for your baby. A convertible crib will grow with your baby and can be used for several years making it a worthwhile investment. Your child can use it as a toddler bed and it can eventually be converted to a big kid bed.
    • Avoid buying a crib that has decorations. These decorations can become a chocking hazard when your child gets a bit older.
    • Never use a baby bed that is too old. It can contain led paint, be discontinued due to safety problems, have splinters, and could have been made before there were strict safety standards. In fact, new safety standards were implemented mid 2011.
    • Don’t add crib bumpers to your child’s crib unless you use the breathable crib bumpers. The bumpers can cause your child to suffocate if they become trapped with their face up against the crib bumper.

Sturdy baby Crib

  • See that the crib mattress should set at least the minimum depth of baby bed should be 600 mm from the base of the mattress to the top of the baby bed. Choose a baby bed that mattress can be adjusted. Also, you need to make sure to adjust the mattress as your baby grows to reduce the chances of your baby climbing or falling out of their crib.
  • The distance between the mattress and the sides and ends of the cot must be less than 20 mm. When finding a mattress for your child’s baby bed, you should make sure that it fits properly before putting your baby in the crib. A standard mattress is 51 3/4 inches long. When the mattress is placed in your child’s crib you shouldn’t be able to put more than two fingers between the mattress and crib slats. If there is too much space between the crib mattress and crib slats, your baby could get wedged in between the mattress and crib sides and could get trapped.
  • When your child is into the cot, make sure to place the baby bed in a safe place and remember to apply locking brakes so as to prevent any accidents. Never set up a baby crib near windows, cords, or mini-blinds.  Your baby can accidentally strangle themselves.
  • Never place any small objects in the cot or within contact that may possibly cause your child to suffocate.
  • Always keep your baby’s bed uncluttered. Avoid keeping any climbing aids in the baby bed once your child can stand. You don’t want your child falling over the baby bed rails by climbing on stuffed animals or other objects inside of their bed.
  • Many cots come with drop sides and a changeable support height to make it easier to pick up your baby in and out as he grows. It is preferable to lower the base when your baby is able to stand up.  Lowering the mattress will keep your child safe and keep the from climbing over the crib’s rails. In fact in the US, you should avoid buying a crib with drop down sides. Drop down sides can accidentally become dislodged and it create a serious health risk, including strangulation. 
  • Maintain the cot in a proper condition. Check regularly for any faults; make sure that the nuts and bolts are tight. Follow all the maintenance instructions provided with the cot.

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It is important to follow all of these safety facts and tips above to keep your baby safe and secure. Never sacrifice comfort for your child’s safety.

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