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15th BLOG ANNIVERSARY: Time to Celebrate!

By Carolinearnoldtravel @CarolineSArnold
15th BLOG ANNIVERSARY: Time to Celebrate!
Fifteen years ago, in November 2008, I launched this blog. At first my plan was to use it to feature my art, which is why the link is carolinearnoldart. But a little more than a year later I decided to expand the blog to include my writing as well and changed the name to Caroline Arnold Art and Books (the link is still carolinearnoldart) with the plan of putting up a new post once a week. (Typically the posts go up on a Wednesday or Saturday--some weeks there are two.) 
For me, this blog is a way to keep track of my book and art related activities, including school and library visits, publishing, reviews, activities for children and teachers, announcements of prizes and awards and more.  Since launching the blog I have posted more than 800 items that have been viewed by more than 330,000 visitors!
Thanks to all of you who have been following this blog either on Google or by email. I appreciate your support.

(Note: The Comments section is no longer active. If you would like to comment you can reach me at Facebook or by email.)

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