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155) Marikanive Dam: (7/1/2018)

By Karthikprabhu03 @karthikprabhu03

155) Marikanive Dam: (7/1/2018)Place: Marikanive DamDistance: 200kms x 2 = 400kms Directions: Bangalore > Nelamangala > Tumkur > Sira > Hiriyur > MarikaniveKrew: Avinash (Avi) > Karthik (Sp)Bikes: Pulsar   Previous Visit: Ethina BhujaBudget: Rs 500/head IN LESS THAN 50 WORDS:Alright, this was an amazing ride to get things back on the road. Being Avi’s first ride with us, tit was a repeat ride to this serene reservoir to ensure a super hit. And more importantly this was a great way to kick start 2018.INTRO & PLAN:It’d been a while since we got on road and December 2017 we could not pull a chapter, hence was already feeling a little edgy. So, decided to head out to a known place with a good friend. Vanivilas dam was the choice of preference we were it wouldn’t disappoint.TIME: 22:00 (6/1/2017)155) Marikanive Dam: (7/1/2018)155) Marikanive Dam: (7/1/2018)   ASSEMBLE & LEAVE:Yeah I was up at 04:30, did a few push ups and sit ups, had a sip of coffee and was all set to go.  Left my home at about 5:30AM and headed towards Jayadeva to pick Avi. After picking up Avi, we rode back towards Mysore road and then joined the Tumkur road and zoomed out of the Bangalore with the air still cold. Btw, just a reminder it was a Sunday!TIME: 06:30155) Marikanive Dam: (7/1/2018)RIDE 1: (Bangalore – Dobbaspete – Sira – Hiriyur – Vanivilas Sagara Dam)This was 200kms straightforward ride. As we left Bangalore, we cruised along chatting peacefully. The weather was colder than we anticipated. We had some juice to warm up and we kept sipping now and then. We pulled over at our regular hotel to much down on some tasty idly vada.TIME: 07:00The ride post this was again on the 6lane NH-4. We cruised along in a smooth manner with 2 stops to reach the beautiful Vanivilas Sagara. TIME: 10:00155) Marikanive Dam: (7/1/2018)VANIVILASA SAGARA DAM:As we climbed the stairs Avi was quite confused as I had not told him about the place also I had told him not to search for the place over the phone. Once we were on the bund, he was awestruck and so was i. No matter how many times I come to this place, the beauty of the tranquil waters of this place leaves me spellbound. We walked over to the other side and the view just kept getting better. We found a nice place to crash and we just sat in silence admiring the beautiful picture in front of us. We spent about an hour and then decided to leave back.TIME: 11:00155) Marikanive Dam: (7/1/2018)155) Marikanive Dam: (7/1/2018)    155) Marikanive Dam: (7/1/2018)RIDE 2: (Vanivilasa Sagara – Hiriyur – Sira – Tumkur – Bangalore)Leaving from Vanivilas we began searching for a nice place to crash. Finally we just stood on the highway and finished off all the liquids in bag. Riding afloat we pulled over at some new dhaba just before Tumkur. The food proved to be amazing and the ambience was a killer too!TIME: 13:00155) Marikanive Dam: (7/1/2018)

After spending about an hour at the dhaba we realised my bike had a flat tire. It was high time I got it replaced. We changed the tube and proceeded to cruise past tumkur and Nelamangala to reach the NICE road exit. From NICE road we got out of PES exit and proceeded towards BTM. After dropping Avi, reached back home!TIME: 17:00CONCLUSION:Welcome 2018, a repeat yes. But awesome ride, yes again! It was the first trip with a good buddy from office (hardly use those two in the same sentence!) haha! It was a kick-ass sstart to a fresh yearUntil next time, Cia \m/155) Marikanive Dam: (7/1/2018)PICASA ALBUM:155) Marikanive Dam: (7/1/2018)MAPS:

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