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15-year-old Has Sex with Over 800 People!

By Bestfunnyblog @bestfunnyblog

This spoof of the Maury Show is dead-on. OK, OK.. maybe it’s a little exaggerated. But honestly, after seeing the trashy people the show features and hearing about their absurd and twisted lives.. I could easily picture this as being real. This parody is probably based off a real episode from the daytime talk show which featured a 15 yo who had sex over 300 times.

And no.. the girl in this sketch is NOT Megan Fox. If she were saying shit like this it would be from her real life and not a spoof. The beautiful actress in this video is Stevie Ryan.. portraying her character, Katrina.


“I’m proud to say I’ve already had gonorrhea and syphilis.. five times!”


“I dropped out of school so I could be on Bang Bus!”


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