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15 Ways to Write Eye-Catching Headlines That Drive Massive Traffic

By Sandy16

To catch the visitors attention on the internet you need to carry few eye-catching ideas that drive massive traffic. Writing of Eye-catching headlines is an art and that can’t be performed until you know the factors involved in it. So here in this post, we will let you know on the topic of 15 ways to write Eye-catching headlines that drive massive traffic

Once you get an idea of choosing the topic, rethink of generating thoughtful words that turn a normal viewer into the daily visitor.

About 75% of the people visit the website by reading the eye-catching headlines, and the remaining take off your content. It is really important to understand the topic before it gets published. A weak headline can ruin your hard work and fame you have in your industry.

But, the page with a strong headline can capture the attention and increases the potential users to your page. An eye-catching headline can drive massive traffic along with the repeat visitors. Here in this post, we will guide you on How to write eye-catching headlines that give massive traffic to your website.

1. Analyse the headline

write Eye-Catching headlines

After the completion of the topic on your website, re-analyse the things that you have included in the post. For example, in this post, I have rotated the topic around “How to write Eye-Catching headlines” and my entire post will guide you on selecting the best headlines from the content.

In the same way, you should re-think of the topic you have written and you should include your topic headline with attractive captions.

The heading should be easy to read and easy to remember

2. Combine the words

how to write Eye-Catching headlines

The headline should be combined with a lot of attractive words that attract people on the internet. Use the most common words, uncommon words, emotional and powerful words.

Remember not to repeat the same word again in the title. The words should be super cool and effective. The words should impact the visitor to take the action on your website

  • Use most common and uncommon words
  • Insert emotional words
  • Add powerfully words

3. Improve the existing headlines

There are hundreds and thousands of topics already written on the internet. Read and analyze the headlines of the posts which appeared on the first page of google. And now find out the differences among those website in using the headlines.

Make a few changes to the blog post headline and add those words to your blog headline. This method is called the improvement of the existing headlines

  • Don’t copy the headlines and repeat the same, Instead add your mark by making improvements (write eye-catching headlines)

4. Include numbers

Adding numbers to the blog headlines will attract the people by 75% and increases the chances of reading by 50%. Give a particular idea of the number of content ideas that you have included in the post

Including numbers in the headline gives the amount of matter packed in the post.

5. Add Details

Add little details of the post to let the people go on the website (without letting them go away)

Add captions like “You never expect the ending, until you watch” With this type of eye-catching headlines people might show interest to visit the website

6. State emotional words at the end

Use emotional words effectively while writing the headlines. The emotional words should be added at the end of the headline. This pattern increases the curiosity among the audiences to take action on your website

For example, “He ran away from us, but injured”

7. Check the word balance

write a attractive headline

There are many heading analyzer tools on the internet to check your headline strength. But we strongly recommend you to check the word balance through a coschedule heading analyzer

This tool helps you in finding out the balancing words with the common and uncommon words.

8. Explore the facts

Exploring the facts in the post by using short headline is an art, so it should be carried out carefully. Use the words like “10 things you don’t know about”

These type of headlines acts as the eye-catching headlines that drive massive traffic

9. Headline suggestion tool

how to write eye-catching titles

As the internet is full of all the resources, you can use them to reduce your work. There are a number of tools on the internet that helps you in finding the perfect headline for your topic

We recommend Blog title generator to get headline suggestion ideas

10. Involve Humour

Add some funny words to your headlines. These words should not irritate others but should draw the attention. You should write eye-catching headlines with caution

11. First and last words

Be careful in choose the first and last words on your headlines. These words play a vital role in attracting people. Add advantages or attractive keywords in these places

12. Headline break down

how to write eye-catching headlines

The headline should be broken down by using the supporting words and the main keyword all around the topic. At the first add the words which attract and at the end add the words which show the impact

13. Use of Upper and Lower case letters

To make your headlines more eye-catching, use the power of Uppercase and Lowercase letters. The combination of both the upper and lower case letters gives an attractive visibility.

14. Headlines length

The length of the headlines should be sufficient and not more than the permitted one. If the length gets increased, there is no use as search engines show the headlines upto permitted length. So write the headlines in the sweet and short manner

15. Use creative Ideas

Write eye-catching headlines by using creative ideas that generate the traffic to your website. Your creative Ideas should involve the use of innovative words that grab people attention.

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Write Eye-catching headlines that drive massive traffic

We hope that the post on how to write eye-catching headlines has helped you in knowing the importance of adding attractive headlines to your website. Eye-catching headlines play a dominant role than your competitors.

A strong headline can increase the shares on your post and boosts the reader’s engagement. Headlines are the first face of your post, so choose the most eye-catching headlines to drive better results.

If we have missed out any of the important tips, you can write to us through the comments section. If you have few more Ideas that should be listed above, mention them in comments and we will look after it.

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