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15 Best Tips On How To Plan A Honeymoon

By Olga

Original content: 15 Best Tips On How To Plan A Honeymoon

You must learn how to plan a honeymoon of your desire, a totally perfect honeymoon. This trip is the first you will take with your beloved as a married couple. So, it is important that you get everything right, down to the very last detail.


Truth is that honeymoon planning along with your wedding planning details can be quite stressful. But when you know what to do, the hard aspect of planning becomes much easier. Yet, the exotic location, romantic relaxation, experience, and fun makes all the stress worth it.

So, down this post, we’ve outlined expert tips to help you prepare for your honeymoon trip.

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1. Plan Early To Get Best Prices And Save Cost

For couples wondering when to book a honeymoon, here’s your answer. Book your honeymoon six to eight months before the honeymoon. This is especially for destination trips. Early birds get the best prices.

2. Work As A Couple

Wondering how to plan a honeymoon that’s perfect? Do it as a couple. This way, you won’t end up with a trip suited to only your partner. With both hands on deck, there is a balance.

3. Choose Your Top Favorite Things, Before Destinations

Common, but evergreen is this question we often get, “where should I go on my honeymoon?” Well, your favorite things should determine your destination and not the other way round. When you put down what you and your partner love to do, it narrows down your search.

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4. Create A Realistic Budget

The average length of a honeymoon is about ten to fourteen days, as against a five-hour wedding. So, how much to spend on a honeymoon should depend on what you want to enjoy. Set a budget that matches your dream honeymoon and stay realistic.

5. Plan Your Honeymoon Towards The Off-Season

The off-season ensures that you save lots of costs on your honeymoon planning. During this period, there is low patronage and you can get the best prices on your favorite destinations.

6. Vet Your Honeymoon Destination

It is okay to check out lifestyle magazines and all for the destination of your dreams. But you’d end up hating these places, because most times, it’s all hype. So, if you’ve not been there, or have no friends who have, do your due diligence.

7. Employ The Services Of A Travel Agent

If you don’t know so much about your destinations, involve an agent before booking for the honeymoon. They have connections and insider information in the travel and tourism industry. They will merge with the trip that’s a perfect fit and save you loads of cash in the process while guiding you.

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8. Think Of Brand Loyalty

Do you want to book honeymoon packages that are unbelievable? Stay brand loyal. Ask the management of the venue you used if they ran honeymoon packages. If they do, you stand the chance of getting huge discounts for sticking with the brand.

9. Lookout For Hidden Costs

The worst thing that could happen to you on your honeymoon is for anyone to spring costs on you. With the much you spent on wedding and honeymoon, make sure everyone is on the same page. Read your documents over and be sure what’s included in your services.

10. Don’t Wing It. Plan In Details

It’s to get adventurous on your honeymoon and leave things to chance. How long is a honeymoon? It’s between five days to two weeks. So, plan everything down to the tiniest detail, because this is the most exciting trip you’ll take. A consummation of your married life.

11. Embrace The Local Culture

This is a great way to save cost when you go on a honeymoon. Eating meals at exclusive resorts where you lodge can be pricey. Ask locals where they get their food from and go along. It is fun and a new experience to take home with you.

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12. Don’t Go Immediately

The cost of planning a honeymoon, coupled with wedding costs could drain you. As much as it’s beautiful going on your honeymoon straight from the wedding, pause a bit. Become sober, clear out work, balance up funds, then go on your honeymoon.

13. Splurge If You Can

A honeymoon is a valuable trip with so much experience. Splurge and make pleasant memories. Many prefer a perfect honeymoon, over a huge wedding.

14. Set Up A Honeymoon Registry

Get guests to donate towards your honeymoon by setting up a honeymoon registry. Guests will items and cash to aid your trip.

15. Enjoy Your Trip

Having learned how to plan a honeymoon perfect, have fun, explore and stay loved up.

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The tips on how to plan a honeymoon of a lifetime aren’t anything bogus. But if you fail in one, it could spell total doom for your honeymoon. In our post are 15 relevant tips to plan your honeymoon. Right from creating your budget, to enjoy the honeymoon, we got you covered. So, apply our outlined guide and go have the fun of your lives.

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