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15 Best SEO Extensions for Chrome 2023: (Free &...

Posted on the 25 November 2023 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for online success. This is where SEO extensions for Chrome come into play.

These powerful tools can significantly enhance your online presence, streamline your website optimization, and provide in-depth SEO analysis.

Whether you're looking to refine your keyword research, improve your backlink analysis, or boost your on-page SEO, there's a Chrome extension designed to meet your needs.

Moreover, these extensions can also be leveraged for competitive analysis, giving you an edge in your industry.

Let's explore the top-rated Chrome SEO extensions that are shaping the future of digital marketing by exploring the top-rated tools.

What Are Chrome Extensions For SEO?

Google Chrome extensions for SEO are like versatile tools that users can add to their web browsers to enhance their browsing experience.

They can be personalized to suit individual needs, acting as a Swiss army knife for internet browsing.

Typically, these extensions are located to the right of the address bar in the Chrome interface and can mostly be found in the Google Web Store.

15 Best SEO Extensions for Chrome 2023: (Free &...

15 Best SEO Extensions for Chrome 2023

The SEO Chrome extensions I'm going to discuss here have proven extremely valuable for my professional work, and some even assist me in everyday tasks.

Installing these extensions is a quick and simple process, and they can significantly boost your productivity. Let's explore these top SEO Chrome extensions that can take your browsing to the next level!

Sitechecker Pro - I believe Sitechecker Pro Chrome extension is the top choice among Chrome extensions because it offers a comprehensive and accessible solution to enhance webpage quality and performance.

Trusted by over 100,000 users daily, it provides an invaluable tool for digital agencies and in-house digital marketers.

With the ability to check over 50 SEO parameters and follow best web practices, it's a fast and efficient way to boost your landing page's ranking on Google.

What sets it apart is its convenience - no charges, no subscriptions, just valuable insights at your fingertips. It helps with content optimization by ensuring correct title and description meta tags.

You can also analyze keyword density and heading tags to ensure your page contains the right keywords. Moreover, it helps identify and fix issues with links, including broken links and redirects.

This SEO extension is my go-to tool, and it simplifies the process of inspecting SEO factors. It offers a comprehensive evaluation of individual web pages, making it incredibly valuable.

Best Extensions Chrome 2023: (Free &...

With this extension, you can easily assess vital SEO elements and receive useful alerts regarding potential issues. It covers various components, such as metadata, headers, alt text, and canonical tags.

If you work in SEO, this Chrome extension is an essential tool that you should definitely have. It streamlines the SEO inspection process, helping you ensure web pages are optimized for search engines and users.

This Chrome extension is an essential tool for any SEO professional or web developer. It provides a convenient drop-down list of server response codes along with their corresponding URLs, which can be easily copied for reference.

This functionality allows you to stay informed about server responses, redirects, and 404 errors without the need for a complete website crawl.

It becomes precious when you're dealing with tasks like identifying and resolving redirect chains or excessive hop redirects.

These data points are of utmost importance when conducting technical SEO reviews, ensuring that your website performs optimally and delivers a seamless user experience.

This versatile extension covers a wide range of functions. One of its most valuable features is the ability to preview a web page without JavaScript or CSS.

This view helps me assess how the page may appear to search engine crawlers and promptly identify any issues requiring attention. As a bonus, this extension overlaps with Meta SEO Inspector, the second tool listed here.

Best Extensions Chrome 2023: (Free &...

It provides insights into header tags, alt text, and on-page links, among other elements. It's a Swiss Army knife for SEO professionals, offering a holistic view of critical page elements and their potential impact on search engine optimization.

The Wayback Machine is a useful SEO Chrome extension that offers a unique feature: the ability to delve into the past. It enables users to access archived versions of webpages, offering a historical perspective.

This function can be precious for understanding why a page's search performance has evolved over time in response to alterations made to the page. Moreover, it provides insights into the page's origins and its journey through changes.

Best Extensions Chrome 2023: (Free &...

Armed with this historical context, SEO professionals can make more informed decisions and plan their strategies with a deeper understanding of a website's evolution.

In essence, it empowers users to strategize their SEO efforts more thoughtfully and effectively.

Wappalyzer is an invaluable Chrome extension for SEO professionals. When dealing with a new website, one of the first tasks is to understand the site's underlying technologies.

Best Extensions Chrome 2023: (Free &...

Wappalyzer simplifies this process by swiftly revealing the array of technologies employed by the site.

Whether it's identifying the content management system (CMS) in use or recognizing the SEO plugins incorporated, Wappalyzer offers a quick backstage glimpse into the website's technical infrastructure.

This extension enables SEO experts to efficiently assess a site's technological foundation, aiding them in developing tailored strategies and making informed decisions for optimization.

7. SERP Counter

The SERP Counter is a straightforward yet highly effective SEO Chrome extension. Its primary function is to provide valuable context for Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

This extension becomes especially handy when search queries lead to a scenario where organic links are pushed down further on the search results page.

Best Extensions Chrome 2023: (Free &...

It offers a simple and clear visualization of the site's position in the SERPs, making it easy to gauge its SEO performance.

Additionally, the SERP Counter is a valuable tool for sharing insights with team members or clients, helping them comprehend where the site stands in the ever-evolving landscape of search engine results.

It simplifies the understanding of SERPs and offers a quick snapshot of a site's visibility, making it a must-have tool for SEO professionals.

The Check My Links extension is a handy tool for quickly assessing the status of links on specific web pages. It offers a fast-track view of the link quality, highlighting various categories such as valid links, redirects, and invalid links.

Best Extensions Chrome 2023: (Free &...

This detailed analysis simplifies the process of optimizing links on a page. Combined with the Meta SEO Inspector (the first tool mentioned in the list), which displays anchor text for each link, these extensions provide a comprehensive link analysis and optimization solution.

Together, they work in harmony to help SEO professionals ensure that the links on a webpage are in good shape and serve their intended purpose effectively.

The NoFollow Referrer extension is a valuable tool for identifying potentially troublesome links that could hurt your SEO efforts.

This Chrome extension simplifies the process by distinguishing between no-follow and do-follow links. It indicates which links are being crawled by search engines and which ones may not be.

Additionally, the extension can help you identify pages with a "no index" HTML tag, eliminating the need to manually check this information in the Google Search Console.

In essence, the NoFollow Referrer extension streamlines the process of understanding your website's link structure and its impact on SEO, making it a useful resource for SEO professionals.

The ability to observe how a web browser displays a webpage is crucial for SEOs seeking insights into how search engines interpret the content.

This user-friendly SEO extension offers three critical views: the raw source code, the rendered source code, and a comparison highlighting the disparities between the two.

Best Extensions Chrome 2023: (Free &...

This functionality allows SEO professionals to analyze how a webpage is presented to both users and search engines, aiding in the optimization of web content for better search visibility and rankings.

It's a valuable tool for understanding how search engines perceive and process web content.

This incredible SEO tool enables you to perform multiple searches simultaneously, with each search's search engine results pages (SERPs) appearing in separate tabs.

Best Extensions Chrome 2023: (Free &...

It also allows you to open multiple web pages in separate tabs simultaneously.

This tool has proven invaluable during competitor analysis when I need to assess numerous competitor pages, and it's equally helpful during keyword research when I want to explore a wide range of search engine results pages to gather insights and data.

In essence, it streamlines the process of conducting comprehensive research and analysis, making it an essential tool for SEO professionals.

Copy All URLs is a handy Chrome extension that allows you to select multiple Chrome tabs simultaneously. You can do this by holding down the "shift" key and clicking the extension.

Best Extensions Chrome 2023: (Free &...

After you've made your selection, you can copy all the associated URLs in one go and then paste them wherever you need them.

This extension simplifies the process of gathering and managing multiple web addresses, making it a time-saving tool for various tasks, especially when working on SEO projects.

When I'm focused on optimizing site speed for my SEO efforts, I often need to download images for resizing and compression.

However, I've encountered a common issue where I unintentionally download images in the WebP format, which can complicate the resizing and compression process.

This helpful trick comes in handy - it lets you download any image as a PNG file, allowing you to avoid the frustration of finding WebP images in your downloads folder.

By using this tool, you can streamline your image optimization tasks and work more efficiently on improving site speed for better SEO performance.

Honestly, if you're not using Grammarly, you might be missing out on a valuable tool. Grammarly serves as the spell check of the current era, and I can't imagine how I managed without it.

Best Extensions Chrome 2023: (Free &...

The "New Document" feature is an additional boon, especially for writing and reviewing content. It offers insights such as word count, reading time, and readability, in addition to the indispensable spelling and grammar checks.

These elements are crucial for ensuring that a page appears reliable and trustworthy, which is a significant factor in SEO, particularly related to EEAT signals.

In essence, Grammarly is a must-have tool for enhancing the quality and credibility of your content.

Finally, but undeniably valuable, the simple Word Counter stands as my preferred SEO Chrome Extension.

I often make use of this tool when crafting or reviewing metadata to ensure I'm maximizing the available character count while preventing the risk of text being cut off.

It's also handy for conducting competitive analysis, helping me assess whether page length is a shared characteristic among the top-ranking URLs in search results.

In essence, it's a practical tool that aids in optimizing content length and structure for better SEO performance.


Conclusion: Best SEO Extensions for Chrome

With these Chrome extensions, you can discover new things about SEO. I and my SEO team find these tools incredibly helpful in our daily work.

Sitechecker Pro Chrome extension is the best because it provides comprehensive SEO analysis and helps improve your web page's quality, performance, and search engine ranking.

These Chrome extensions make our work more efficient and help us share our findings more easily.

While these are the most important SEO tools, I'd also like to recommend a few others that are simpler but still very useful for various tasks.

These tools improve what we can do and help us get better results in SEO.

Andy Thompson has been a freelance writer for a long while. She is a senior SEO and content marketing analyst at Digiexe, a digital marketing agency specializing in content and data-driven SEO. She has more than seven years of experience in digital marketing & affiliate marketing too. She likes sharing her knowledge in a wide range of domains ranging from e-commerce, startups, social media marketing, making money online, affiliate marketing to human capital management, and much more. She has been writing for several authoritative SEO, Make Money Online & digital marketing blogs like ImageStation.

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