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15 Best Mobile Presets Collections To Download For Lightroom

Posted on the 02 September 2021 by Jyoti92 @Jyoti_Chauhan1

Mobile photography enthusiasts and bloggers often wonder how to quickly edit photos on the go. Here come Lightroom Mobile presets that can help you quickly improve your shots.

Top 15 Mobile Lightroom Presets

You can perform color correction, apply unique effects or remove unwanted elements from an image. All presets are available from your phone, so you don’t need to use advanced software on the PC.

Presets work on all versions of Lightroom, including Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC. You can add them to photos in various formats, like JPG, TIFF, PNG, and RAW. Besides, users can download presets on Android and iOS devices, including tablets.

1. Free Mobile Lightroom Presets: Universal Bundle

Free Mobile Lightroom Presets

Recommended photos: travel, lifestyle, and summer portraits

 With these free presets, you can perform basic editing of any shot. These presets will help you brighten images, accentuate textures, and reduce deep shadows. With it, you can enhance dark photos by making them lighter. If you want to edit a portrait, these presets can give the skin a nice bronze tint.

2. Wonderland Mobile Presets  

Wonderland Mobile Presets  

Recommended photos: portrait, product photography

This mobile preset is great for retouching portraits, removing imperfections, and making the skin smoother. With it, you can perform soft skin color retouching and make it translucent.

If you want to add sun glare or haze, this set is your choice. Despite the applied effects, the complexion of a model will look natural.

3. Oahu Travel Collection 

Oahu Travel Collection 

Recommended photos: travel, summer water photos, portrait

This collection is suitable for improving summer photos taken near the water. These presets can enhance greens and blues, emphasize their volume and depth. They will give the skin a tanned tone, and brighten other details of an image.

Thanks to a slight blur effect, your images will look professional.

4. Lemon Tea Mobile Presets 

Lemon Tea Mobile Presets 

Recommended photos: portraits, summer shots

These mobile presets for Lightroom will help you make your images vibrant. The collection is great for photos with orange and yellow colors. With these presets, you can increase the contrast and warmth.

If a photo is slightly dark, you can solve this problem by adding bright sunlight. You can also make the background blurry to focus viewers’ attention on the main object.

5. Golden Honey Mobile Presets 

Golden Honey Mobile Presets

Recommended photos: portrait, love stories, evening photos

These presets add a golden honey tint to your photos. Thanks to the harmonious combination of shades, you can make photos of sunsets warmer.

The presets create soft shadows and emphasize the depth of a photo. Besides, the collection improves the color of the skin. They will help you to blur the background in portrait photos and make textures look more natural.

6. Santorini Mobile Presets 

15 Best Mobile Presets Collections To Download For Lightroom

Recommended photos: sea photography, summer portraits, travel

This collection allows you to add seawater and sunlight shades. The presets are great for travel and seaside photography. With it, you can add a golden hue to the skin and make a photo look light and warm.

The presets are great for adjusting contrast and reducing dark shadows without making the elements in a photo overly saturated.

7. Red Wine Collection 

Red Wine Collection 

Recommended photos: product photography, portraits, fashion

If your photos have a red accent color, then this Lightroom mobile preset collection will help increase its depth and saturation. Deep shadows make red objects look even more eye-catching.

These presets can brighten images, adding a warm glow to the skin. This collection is suitable for enhancing fashion photos, especially if models wear red outfits.

8. Forest Mobile Bundle 

Forest Mobile Bundle 

Recommended photos: forest landscapes, lifestyle, portraits

Those who like taking photos in forests sometimes have problems with capturing a green tint. The Forest Mobile collection of presets will help you enhance the green color, including its depth, brightness, and saturation.

You can make your pictures of forest landscapes look more beautiful by increasing contrast and clarity of details, like leaves and branches. When editing portraits, you can create a blurred background and enhance the overall composition with the help of the haze effect.

9. Food Lovers Collection 

Food Lovers Collection 
 Recommended photos: food, product photography

These presets were created for editing food photos. With them, you can increase contrast to make the food stand out against a black background.

Besides, you can use these presets to adjust light and shadow. If your photos have a yellowish tint due to low light, these presets will help you fix this issue.

10. Newborn Baby Mobile Presets

Newborn Baby Mobile Presets

Recommended photos: newborn photography, family portraits

If you specialize in the newborn genre of shooting, then this collection is a must. The presets add warm and delicate tones, reduce the intensity of dark shadows and give the skin a slight glow.

If the photos are yellowish due to artificial lighting, the presets will fix this problem without making the baby’s skin looks artificial or blurring textures.

11. Ristretto Presets Collection

Ristretto Presets Collection

Recommended photos: fashion, minimalist portraits

If you want to edit fashion shots or minimalist portraits, check out this mobile preset collection. These presets will help you add warm tones to your images.

They are perfect for photos with brown tints. You can use these filters for skin color correction as well. Besides, you can make the background look smoother and apply the sun glare effect.

12. Clean Presets

Clean Presets

Recommended photos: landscapes, product photos, lifestyle

These presets are suitable for images with predominantly dark colors. They emphasize shadows and depth to make the texture of objects more expressive.

They can help you blur various elements, such as light bulbs, and remove an unwanted yellowish tint, which is especially useful when retouching portraits.

13. Riesling Mobile Lightroom Presets

Riesling Mobile Lightroom Presets

Recommended photos: street photos, travel

If you love bright colors, try using any Lightroom mobile preset from this collection. They can increase brightness and saturation, without affecting natural tones.

If there is not enough light in the photo, you can create a lens flare effect that will make your images brighter. With these presets you can blur the background and make bright colors look more harmonious.

14. Vivid Glow Presets

Vivid Glow Presets

Recommended photos: night photography, street photos

The collection is great for processing nightlife photos. The main problem with night photography is the lack of daylight. These presets can improve lighting while increasing contrast. They will make the face of a model look natural without and remove yellowish tints.

The presets are suitable for editing pictures with city lights or car headlights. Thanks to the blurred light effect, your photos will look more dynamic.

15. Wedding Gelato Bundles

Wedding Gelato Bundles

Recommended photos: wedding photography, spring love story

These mobile presets for Lightroom are great for wedding photos. Use them to add warm hues, soften the light, add sun glare and various color combinations.

These presets reduce harsh shadows and remove dark spots. These filters can also emphasize the texture, which makes them suitable for wedding photos and pictures with greenery.

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