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137º Harry Houdini

By Onthatpage

137º Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini (born Erik Weisz) Hungarian magician and escape artist is the most famous in history by public displays of their amazing feats that made ​​him one of the most popular benchmarks and icons on the planet.
Houdini began working from very small due to the economic dificutlades faced by their parents. One day he saw one of the shows Dr. Lynn, a traveling magician, who aroused his interest in this art and thus began his path.

Later he read a book called “The Memoirs of Robert-Houdin, Ambassador, Author and Cojuror, Written by Himlsef” which recounted the memories of the magician Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin, who immediately became his idol. Then decided to add an “i” to Houdin to indicate the resemblance.

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