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1313: Cougar Cult (2012)

Posted on the 29 January 2015 by Buttercup2k @ButtercupX
So, this is what I watched....
1313: Cougar Cult (2012)Maybe you're a creative person that's been discouraged by hearing the word "No" from corporate types who don't want to invest in your dream. Maybe you've worked and honed your craft that you're just waiting for its moment to shine and take off. Maybe you're J.K. Rowling.
However, if you're David deCocteau, you bypass the industry and those stuffy closed minded executives and you make your dreams happen.  Even if those dreams involve shirtless men being terrorized by older women in lingerie. So, if you're ever in doubt that you'll never be good enough or people just don't understand you, please be aware that sometimes those fears are justified and maybe its a good idea to not commit your ideas to tape until you've at least done a second draft.
1313: Cougar Cult (2012)Your first question might be, "Hey, is this porn?" The answer is a reluctant no. Yes, it flirts with the genre, but there's no actual pornographic activity.
Your next question might be, "What if I don't enjoy things like watching older women hit on guys or over the top objectification of guys in their underwear?" The answer is, even if you did, I'd still recommend you stay far away from this thing. Frankly, anyone who's within a arms reach of sharp instruments should probably stay away from it.
For those of you hoping for a movie about actual literal cougars, (as in big cats in the wild) well, you're really out of luck.But as a consolation prize, here's some cute cougar kittens who have done no crime in this world other than just being gosh darned adorable.
1313: Cougar Cult (2012)
Now if this movie had just been about someone who was raised by a pack of wild kittens, not only would I have been onboard, but I'm sure it would have won every award ever. Because, kittens.
Moving on...
Here's what you need to know. And when I say "need" I mean, "here's what a lazy cliche ridden plot looks like"...
Three college guys - they're hunky, so they look good in underwear, but they wear glasses so you know they're smart - they go to a "job interview" for summer jobs.
1313: Cougar Cult (2012)
And three "cougars" as in, well, you know.
1313: Cougar Cult (2012)There's lots of bad sexual innuendos, bad sound, bad editing, bad life choices, bad everything.
1313: Cougar Cult (2012)Does this house look familiar to you? Are you looking at that hideous tree sculpture with the high heels in the background thinking, "Wait, either I've seen that before somewhere or I saw that thing in a feverish dream where I took too much Ambien then slept under too many blankets."
You're right. We have seen this somewhere. Anyone remember A Talking Cat?!?!?!
1313: Cougar Cult (2012)I'd like to think that these two movies now exist in the same universe. The Talking Cat murdered the inhabitants, then ran away across state lines, then a stupider movie moved in.
1313: Cougar Cult (2012)"Look, lets just do the scene and read the lines like we're actual actors. And then we'll be in a movie."
1313: Cougar Cult (2012)
 Surprise, you guys...
1313: Cougar Cult (2012)
Its not an actual job these tipping the scale gay men got hired for. There's just three women who want to kill them.
1313: Cougar Cult (2012)...and see them in their underwear.
1313: Cougar Cult (2012)...and take showers.
No one's being objectified at all. There is a very clear and indepth character study here and if you can't see it...
Sigh. I've got nothing.
1313: Cougar Cult (2012)Wait, what's happening here?
1313: Cougar Cult (2012)The hell?!?!?
1313: Cougar Cult (2012)
Its the most frighteningly bad case of animation in film since...
1313: Cougar Cult (2012)...a visionary director just put moving black animation over a cats mouth and willed him to talk.
But in a surprise twist that everyone sees coming, these three now "literal" cougars eat young men and stay kind of sort of young forever.
So maybe a very loose sequel to A Talking Cat?!?!?! which by far, a superior film in every respect.
1313: Cougar Cult (2012)Do you really care how it ends? The director didn't, so I'm assuming there was a scene where they all realized that everything is awful and they just left the set with a note. Because that's what I did.
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