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13-Year Old Shot 8 Times by the Cops

Posted on the 27 July 2011 by Mikeb302000
via The Huffington Post
According to FOX Chicago, police arrived at a park near the Piccolo Specialty School where Jimmell attends to respond to a call of shots fired. They claim Jimmell matched the description of the shooter, so they came after him. He appeared to be holding a weapon in his hand, police say, and when they asked him to lower it, he refused. When he pointed the weapon in the officers' direction, they opened fire. Apparently, eight rounds were required to subdue the 13-year-old.
The weapon they allege he was holding was a BB gun, but the Fraternal Order of Police says that officers handled the situation correctly because toy guns and real ones can be indistinguishable even to trained police officers.
That's the cops' side of the story.
What is that supposed to mean, the cops' side of the story? Either there was a BB gun or there wasn't. And even if there was, that's an excessive response with a shabby explanation. BB guns are usually distinguishable from real guns which makes the problem the cops' too-hasty reaction.
Here's the other side of the story.
When he was shot, according to family, Jimmell's hands were in the air. And he wasn't holding a gun of any kind, BB or otherwise.
Now, I can imagine family members might hate the cops for this and want to make it look worse than it was, but as I said, either there was a BB gun or there wasn't. Saying there wasn't if one was taken into custody as evidence doesn't make much sense. So, who's lying? Who's got more to lose or gain?
You know my idea? What's yours?
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