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13 Lawn Care Gifts Ideas – For Dad And Lawncare Enthusiasts

By Nitrotech

Whether it's Father's Day, Christmas, or a birthday, lawn care gifts are always appreciated by those with yards to take care of.

We've reviewed hundreds of yard care products through the years and know exactly which ones make the best gifts. Like, a robotic lawn mower that takes all the effort out of keeping your grass looking great. Or, perhaps, something as simple as a lawn mower cup holder to make that necessary chore a little more enjoyable.

Whatever your budget, we've got you covered. Below you'll find the perfect lawn care gift ideas from under $25 to over $300.

13 Lawn Care Gifts Ideas – For Dad And Lawncare Enthusiasts

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Top Pick: Sunday Lawn Care Subscription

This no-hassle lawn care service provides customized fertilizer and lawn care packages based on region and personalized soil assessment. Throughout the growing season, your loved one will receive easy-apply fertilizers and treatments delivered right to their door. No trips to the store, no scheduling, and no research!

Best of all, Sunday products are all made with the environment in mind. Their patented fertilizers work to improve the health of the soil to create a greener, healthier lawn that requires less weeding and less maintenance. What gift could be better?

Customized packages start at just $119 for a 12-month subscription!

Read our full, hands-on Sunday Lawn Care review here.

Lawn Care Gift Ideas Under $25

If your parent or significant other hates to rent aeration equipment each spring, or worse, skips this chore altogether, these lawn aerator shoes are the perfect gift.

The single strap design makes it super simple to put on over any pair of boots. And they do the chore of aerating the yard as easy as taking a walk. Those who don't have the space for larger aerating equipment will especially appreciate this easy-to-store gift.

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Do you have a parent or friend struggling to control underground pests that continue to destroy their garden or lawn? They'll appreciate the practical and affordable gift of solar-powered sonic pest repellers.

These sonic stakes automatically sense underground intruders and respond by emitting subsonic vibrations to drive moles, voles, and other borrowing pests out of the yard. We love these Transcend Home sonic repellers because they are entirely solar-powered and incredibly durable. Your gift recipient will love them for how effortless they are to install and how well they work to protect their lawn and garden.

Mowing the lawn in the summer is not always fun, especially if busy schedules and rainstorms force you to take on the task in the heat of the day. You can take the burden out of the chore with the simple, affordable gift of a lawn mower cup holder.

This nifty universal cup holder from Accmor can attach to any sized rod, vertical or parallel. The cup is large enough to hold water bottles, coffee mugs, and beer cans-whatever it takes to keep that yard looking great! No matter what kind of lawn mower your gift recipient has, they'll be able to use and enjoy this gift.

Is your dad the kind of person who is very proud of his lawn? Does he talk about his yard to anyone who will listen? If so, he is sure to appreciate this "Lawnfather" t-shirt.

This fun and affordable t-shirt feature the Godfather logo, which lets everyone know just how serious your gift recipient is about their lawn care. This lightweight cotton shirt comes in five colors and makes the perfect gift for Father's Day.

Are you looking for more lawn care gifts for dad or something for mom? Check out these awesome garden gift ideas.

Lawn Care Gift Ideas Under $100

For the serious garden and lawn care junkies in your life, consider the gift of a soil test kit. These simple and surprisingly affordable kits are the perfect way to identify what is lacking in the garden soil. Once you've identified these deficiencies, it is easier to put together a plan to bring a yard back to health.

We like the Woermer Family soil test kit for its super simple collection and speedy test results. Using their smartphone registration, you can have your results in less than two days. They'll even send a customized prescription care plan along with the results to get your friend started on the right track.

Even the most experienced lawn care aficionado struggles with setting watering times, especially if they live in an area with unpredictable precipitation. That's where the Rainpoint Bluetooth Soiled Moisture Meter comes in.

This handy meter wirelessly reports moisture readings from anywhere in the yard back to an indoor wireless display. You can even sync it with multiple meters for a comprehensive look at where watering needs to be increased and decreased. Both experienced and novice homeowners will appreciate this high-tech gift.

Are you looking for the perfect yard care gift for your parents? Stand-up weed pullers are always appreciated by older gardeners and those with back and knee issues.

This handy tool targets and grabs weeds deep down to their roots without requiring you to bend or kneel. We like the Gardtech Stand Up Weeder because it is highly adjustable for use by gardeners of any height and comes with a 10-year warranty. This sturdy weeder is worth the price and sure to become your mom or dad's new favorite tool for removing dandelions and thistles from the lawn.

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If your friend already has everything he needs for lawn care maintenance, you can surprise him with these fun, customizable solar lights from BrightRight.

Solar lights are a great way to light up paths and patios and add ambiance to the yard without burying wires. We especially like these lights because they allow the user to switch between white, blue, red, and green by using the simple switch along the side of each light. Plus, they're durable and only take seconds to install.

Know someone with a pond? Check out these great aquatic lighting options.

We all know someone who has stubbornly been applying their pellet fertilizer by hand or with a hand spreader. Why not take the burden out of this necessary chore by giving a back and arm-friendly broadcast spreader.

These functional carts make the task of fertilizing the lawn a breeze. And this one by Turf Builder comes with the added benefits of adjustable edge control, highly accurate rate settings, and a high-volume basin.

Want to add a little more to your gift pack? Check out our picks for the best organic fertilizers to include with this great broadcast spreader.

Lawn Care Gift Ideas Under $300

No one enjoys rolling up the garden hose day after day. That's what makes the gift of a retractable garden hose is especially useful.

A high-quality hose reel, like this one from Tacklife, can save hours each week on watering chores. Not only does this durable reel automatically retract your hose at the touch of a button, but it swivels for added maneuverability. Plus, this reel comes in multiple hose lengths and different colors so that you can find the perfect option for your friends and family.

Looking for more watering-related gift ideas? Check out our list of the best garden hoses.

One thing that can put a serious delay in anyone's lawn upkeep is a dull mower blade. A lawn mower blade sharpener makes an excellent gift for those who don't have time to run to the sharpening shop.

This handy lawn mower gift is meant to attach a workbench and adjust to hold the mower blade and grinder at the right angle to get the job done. Of all the products we've tried, the 5005 All American Blade Sharpener is the most effective. It can adjust to angles between 15 and 45 degrees and operates smoothly to restore dull and banged-up blades quickly and efficiently.

Lawn Care Gifts Ideas Over $300

If you really want to impress someone and free them up to spend more time doing the things they love, a robotic lawn mower is the way to go. These intelligent tools work like a Roomba for the yard, automatically navigating the lawn to cut grass throughout the week without the homeowner having to lift a finger.

Our favorite robotic mower is the Husqvarna Automower. This thing is durable, dependable, and simple to set up. It can be used for yards up to 0.4 acres and charges in just under one hour. Even your less-than-tech-savvy parents will be able to control this Bluetooth-powered mower using the intuitive phone app.

Love the idea of automating yard chores? Check out this robotic weeder.

If a robotic lawn mower seems a little too high-tech or hands-off for your gift recipient, consider getting them a new electric lawn mower. Traditional gas-powered mowers are out. Electric mowers are the new "it" item because they are better for the planet and the user.

We've spent a lot of time analyzing the best electric lawn mowers and found the Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric to be one of the most effective and user-friendly mowers out there. This durable mower runs for up to 90 minutes per charge and is just as powerful as most gas-powered units.

And no matter how stubborn your parents or friends are, we promise they will love mowing their lawn without the smell or hassle that comes with using gasoline.

Get The Ultimate Gift

Whether you're looking for something cheap and fun, like this "Lawnfather" t-shirt, or something that will blow some minds, like this robotic lawn mower, you can't go wrong with any of these great lawn care gift ideas.

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