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12 Ways to Fight the Holiday Crazies

By Savvybrown @savvybrownblog

Don’t let the holidays make you crazy, broke or gain 30 pounds. That’s just putting more pressure on those New Year’s Resolutions you never keep. Here’s 12 ways to stay sane this holiday season with out breaking the bank, (or your cousin’s arm).

  1. Shop online – There’s absolutely no reason to stand online for hours on end and fight the holiday crowds anymore. Not when just about everything we own can be ordered online. So save yourself the headache and cybershop this season. You easily find coupons for kinds of items at sites like Retail Me Not, Coupon Cabin, Current Codes, DealCatcher
  2. Regift – Got a gift from someone already that doesn’t suit you but would be perfect for a co-worker? Regift! The only time this is not a good idea, when the original giver is present when you make the exchange.
  3. Gift Cards – Have and uncle that needs everything but wants nothing? Yep. Time for a gift car. Some of the most generic to choose from are at Amazon. Check out Savvy Amazon Gift Cardsfor simple, last-minute gift giving.
  4. Gift Yourself first – Don’t go crazy with this one. But don’t forget about yourself this holiday season. And it doesn’t need to be a physical gift either. How about getting a massage after a day of shopping? Or giving your self a facial and a bubble bath the evening before you visit the family.
  5. Just Walk Away – Only friends and family can drive us that special brand of crazy. Don’t participate in negative behavior from attention seeking people. Walk away from arguments, ignorant, mean and (especially) drunk people. It’s not worth it and the anger alone will take years off your life. The best revenge? Live longer.
  6. New Year’s Cards – Many of my friends and clients don’t celebrate Christmas, and I got tired of running around like a crazy person trying to get Christmas cards out in time. Now I just send out little notes that say “Happy New Year” and I mail them all the first week of January.  much.less.stressful.
  7. Get Creative – Just because a gift is handmade does NOT mean that it has to look like your child’s 3rd grade art project. (Which is genius by the way!) Use your crafty skills to make some great gifts this season. Knit, crochet, sew, give recipes or even things like cookies in a jar. Not crafty? You can still DIY gifts
  8. Group Host a Party – These tough financial times can really stress you out. But you’ve gotta see your friends right? Well group-host a party, or have a potluck between Thanksgiving and Christmas or between Christmas and New Years so that the “day of” holiday pressure is off.
  9. Eat Smaller Meals –  Invited to a bunch of dinner/office parties? Don’t wanna go broke? Don’t want to gain 40 pounds over the holidays? Order smaller portions at dinner like a side dish or an appetizer. And drink a TON of water. Better yet. Eat dinner at home before hand and make your favorite low-cal dessert for yourself when you get home.
  10. Get Sleep – This really is of vital importance to keep your immune system running at its optimal best. It’s a great way to handle stress, so if you’re not at a party, then get some rest, so that you can be.
  11. Workout – Don’t wait until the New Year to get fit. This is the best stress reliever ever. What I’ve been doing is squeezing in two 20 minute workouts a day for no longer than 20 minutes. I workout with Jillian Michaels in the AM, then after work, I hop on my elliptical machine and watch one of my favorite shows. I can’t seem to spare an hour in my day, but 20 minutes I can do.
  12. Volunteer  - Don’t cook. Don’t clean. Don’t worry about your dad putting the silver-edged wedding china in the microwave (ahem). Go out and help someone else, and then catch up with friends or family later for a quick visit.
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