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12 Tips For Detoxifying Your Body

By Grayson Hayes @cavemandietblog

12 Tips For Detoxifying Your Body
I recently wrote a post about the concept of detox and why fasting and fasting with green juices are not the only options if we want to detoxify the body.

In fact, when we think of detox we have to separate it into two steps:

  • Cleanse, remove, leave
  • Add, implement, do
Let me explain.

Before we start implementing a detox protocol, we first need to clean our environment of possible toxins. Only after removing the toxins, can we implement detox methods and expect them to produce positive results, i.e. the body responds with more health and vitality.


1. clean up your environment for later

2. successfully implement in your health regimen some foods, habits, and detox methods.


Stop using pots, pans (and other cooking utensils) that are made of aluminum or Teflon. Replace them with iron or stainless steel pans. Aluminum has been linked to alzheimers.
Do not use shampoos, deodorants, toothpaste, or other personal hygiene products that contain chemicals. Learn how to make these products at home. If you are going to buy them outside, buy natural brands without chemicals (that is, just like food, without ingredients that you can't pronounce).

3. Drink water WITHOUT chlorine and WITHOUT fluoride. Chlorine kills the good bacteria in the microbiome; fluoride is a toxin that disrupts the endocrine system.

4. Use a shower filter to remove chlorine. Chlorine kills the trillions of microbes that live on top of the skin and inside the body (the microbiome). We depend on these microbial ecosystems to maintain our health. Without them, we cannot live.

5. Take off the mercury (silver) fillings. To do this, you have to consult a biological dentist to talk to him/her about the DELICATE process of replacing mercury fillings in the mouth. If you have silver fillings, understand that they are not silver. They are composed of the dangerous heavy metal, mercury. Take note: This is a very complex and very serious issue. There are many precautions to be taken before, during, and after the procedure of having toxic mercury fillings removed and replaced. You HAVE to do it with a dentist who specializes in the subject (a biological dentist).


6. Take a variety of bone broths (from fish, hen, and also beef). Bone broth is key to optimal digestion, which is key to a healthy body. The broth contains a lot of glycine, the amino acid indispensable for the good function of the body detox.

7. Eat high quality animal fats. Fat protects us from toxins that are already inside the body. Fat also protects us when we are in the detox process. Aajonus Vonderplantiz of the movement of the Primary Diet (Primal Diet), says that for every molecule of mercury that we have inside the body, there are thousands of fat molecules that surround that molecule of mercury to protect the body from the toxin. Remember that fat is a friend and not an enemy.

8. Buy organic food. Pesticides and transgenic foods disrupt the ecosystem of the intestinal flora (your microbiome). Buy and eat organic and better yet, organic AND local.

9. Look for and buy meat from local farms that raise their animals well. Industrial meat is a violent, chemical, and nutrient-poor food. Grass meat is a healthy food that provides the body with a good amount of Vitamin B complex and also fat soluble vitamins.

10. Cook and eat at home. Unfortunately, 99% of restaurants (even those we label as "healthy") use processed vegetable oils. Cook and eat at home to control the fat/oil used for cooking (and to control the quality of other ingredients as well).

11. Include probiotic foods in your daily diet. According to Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride (of the GAPS diet), when you enjoy a healthy intestinal microbial ecosystem, those microbes act as natural chelating agents for heavy metals (such as mercury).

12. Drink beet juice and eat raw beets to stimulate the flow of bile from the gallbladder into the small intestine to promote proper fat digestion. A good flow of bile will keep the liver and gallbladder healthy.

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