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12 Simple Tips for Making Your Videos Look More Professional

Posted on the 11 April 2022 by Witselx9

Video marketing has now become viral, and it is essential to make use of this viral trend. If you are planning on uploading video content to your page, you must edit it thoroughly and then upload it. You can use a video editor to edit your video and add beautiful effects. However, you must make sure that you don't overdo it.

You will have to maintain a balance and make your videos look professional. You can do so by making the correct use of the tools that a video maker provides you.

Ways to make your video look professional

You can do several things to make your videos look professional. Some of these things are:

Use Good Lighting

The video's lighting is one of the most important aspects while you are creating a video. You must try and shoot your video in good light. There are other considerations, too, when it comes to light. You will have to make sure that you are not covering the light and making the entire setup dark. With good lighting, you can let your videos look more professional. The sun can be one of the best sources of light. However, you can use artificial sources too if there is no or little sunlight in the room. Light can also cast shadows, and therefore, you will have to use it wisely. You can also use a video editor to increase or decrease the contrast of your videos.

Clean background

Consider the background you'll utilize for filming. A cluttered or distracting background is the epitome of unprofessionalism. Using a solid-coloured background for your video is easy to give it a professional appearance. A huge sheet of backdrop paper, a wall, or a bedsheet are all ideal possibilities. To avoid casting shadows on the backdrop, you should ensure that the subject stands a foot far from it. Make sure your shot doesn't have a window or other reflecting surface in the background. Inadvertently, the camera could be caught in the mirror.

Use a good video editor.

Video editing tools can help you transform your unprocessed footage into something spectacular. You must ensure that your video editor supports features like adding text to a video, trimming and cropping the video, video transitions, etc. With a good video editor, you will be able to change the video's aspect ratio and add transitions to it.

Simple editing

Trying out different effects during the video editing process might be entertaining, but don't go overboard. The most professional editing style is one that is straightforward and neat. You can try removing any unnecessary background noise that can disrupt the flow of the presentation. You can also trim the part where there are awkward silences.

Use good audio

The quality of your audio is more crucial than the quality of your professional video. Most people are willing to watch a video that isn't high definition or even a touch grainy as long as the rest is good. However, a few seconds of playing a video with scratchy, unintelligible audio is generally enough to have anyone hit the "back" button. You can buy a good microphone to avoid similar issues, and it will prove to be a good investment.

Don't use shaky footage.

Any professional film or video will look like a home movie with shaky footage, which can put off your viewers. It isn't easy to keep a camera entirely still, so if you can avoid it, try not to hold it at all. Instead, set your camera on a firm surface or utilize a tripod. Once you set up the camera, please don't move it unless necessary. Panning around in a video detracts from its professional appearance. If you need to shift the viewpoint, cutting from one shot to another is preferable to moving the camera.

The rule of thirds

Assume that the field you're filming is laid out in a 3-by-3 grid. Instead of putting your subject in the center of the shot, arrange it along with one of the grid lines. If you can, place essential aspects of the film near the intersections of the lines, as they are particularly strong places of attention. You don't have to follow the rule of thirds all of the time, but it's a good idea to do so as much as possible while you're learning. With practice, you'll have a better sense of when to use it and when to skip.

Make use of your phone.

You can take professional video footage with your phone - the quality is adequate for most uses. If you're going to use your phone to make videos, there are a few things to keep in mind.

You must make use of your phone's rear camera. On most phones, the front camera quality isn't as good. In landscape mode, record the entire video to give a better view. This ensures that your footage appears great on wider displays, not just phone ones.

Improve your camera presence

Your on-camera demeanour has a significant impact on how professional your content appears. On camera, seeming uneasy, fidgety, or uncomfortable will draw attention away from your message. Fortunately, with experience, you can get better at this. Smiling is essential, especially at the start of your video. It makes a big difference in how approachable you appear. Use open and relaxed body language. Poor posture is quickly visible on camera, so stand up straight. Maintain a comfortable posture with your shoulders back and muscles relaxed. Take a few deep breaths. Crossing your arms gives you a closed-off appearance.

Shoot from different angles

Adding visual interest to your professional videos by cutting from one angle to another is a fantastic technique to do so. If you're filming a how-to video, a product demo, or another form of video where you're doing something rather than just talking, this is a very beneficial strategy.

Plan in Advance

A video's appearance can be tarnished by various factors, not the least of which is poor skill. A lack of planning might also result in viewers being underwhelmed by your final product. By meticulously planning your video before beginning production, you can ensure that the quality of the video turns out to be good.


If you are a serious video creator, you need to promote your videos on different social media channels. Once you start getting followers, you can create more video content and promote them.


Creating a professional video is very important. You can use the tips listed above to create engaging videos well received by the viewers. You can keep practising your video editing till you master the art.

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