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12 in 2012 Update (2)

By Travelspot06 @travelspot06
Almost a year ago, Jill said, "Why don't we do 12 half marathons next year? Wouldn't that be fun?" I had just finished my first marathon and was in the dead zone, where you are not sure what you are going to do with yourself now that you are not doing marathon training. So, naturally, I said, "Count me in!" 
In the last post I did about my first 4 months of 12 in 2012, I mentioned how when I signed up for this challenge, I didn't realize how much it would consume me and shape me and define me. This still holds true. In fact, now it is shaping and defining others in my life. I mentioned it before but now it is more set in stone; my brother has been asking my running advice, and earlier this week, we signed up for a 10k and a half marathon together! He is a beginning runner who can run a few miles without stopping, and I am looking forward to his progress. I am so proud of him and am excited to be a part of his journey! I even got him running stuff for his birthday. Do you know how exciting it is to have someone to buy running stuff for (besides myself)?
This challenge is two thirds of the way over! I can't believe it. Here is the recap for the second third of the challenge.
Races 1 - 4: January - April
05.12.12 -- Cinderella Trail Run  (#5) This race, as you may remember, was one of my first trail races. It was held only a couple miles from my house and was on trails that I run often. It was a great race through the redwoods and I loved every minute of it. Plus it made me feel strong, since I finished in just over a 10 min/mi pace on some pretty gnarly hills. Time: 2:10:29 (10:16/mi) PR/1st in age group

06.03.12 -- See Jane Run Half Marathon  (#6) I busted my butt during this race. Luckily it was, as they say, "fast and flat" but it was on a bike path and it was a little narrow at times. Also, there were too many people who were running slower but were still lined up in front of me at the start. After this race, I promised I would only do smaller races. Time: 1:37:17 (7:26/mi) PR

07.28.12 -- Bad Bass Half Marathon  (#7) I barely squeaked a race out in July. This was an awesome trail race which just happened to be on the start of the same course that I did the 50k on. Also, it was overcast the whole time and we got It's-It's at the end. I really enjoyed this race. Time: 1:58:39 (8:55/mi)
08.04.12 -- Wounded Warrior Virtual Half (#8) This run was put on by Suz and I did it around my neighborhood, which is a fun course with the first 3 miles going uphill, then some flat, then some down, then some flat and a (horrible) uphill at the very end. It's a great way to get to know the neighborhood better and see all the little places you don't notice otherwise. Time: 1:51:35 (8:25/mi)
So, what's in store for the next 4 months? Well, I signed up for my September race back in March, not knowing if I would even be around. I am excited that I am around and am not flying in from somewhere in the Midwest for the weekend and flying back after the race. The October run is the one my brother and I will be doing together. After that, things are still up in the air.
September 16: The Giant Race
October 21: Cloverdale Harvest Half
How has your racing year been so far? How are you doing on any challenges that you have taken on for 2012? Have you ever been someone's motivating factor? (PS: Jill is mine! Thanks Jill!)

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