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12 Halloween Party Ideas

By Emma @glasgowfoodie

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It’s time for ghosts and ghouls as well as some blood and guts…enjoy yourself this halloween with some party ideas for trick or treat time.

1) Ghost Marshmallow Graveyard

Ghoulish and creepy Marshmallow Ghost Graveyard.

ghost graveyard halloween rci pe home and garden glasgow foodie explorers food travel blog

2) Eyeball Pasta

eyeball_pasta halloween

Fancy having your dinner look at you?  Try this one from BBC Good Food.

3) Rum and pumpkin smoothie

halloween Rum_pumpkin_Smoothie

One for the adults, a rum and pumpkin smoothie from All Recipes.

4) Blood clot

blood_Clot_nigella halloween

Photo by James Merrell

One for the not so squeamish, blood clots!  Nigella has them sorted

5) Meatball Mummies

meatball_mummies halloween

Quick and easy to make meatball mummies.

6) Witches Fingers

Witches_Fingers halloween recipe

Ideal for dipping into blooood! Witches Fingers Recipe.

7) Devilish Punch

Devilish_punch halloween

Get a kick out of this devilish punch.

8) Healthy Skeleton

Vegetable_skeleton halloween

Halloween doesn’t have to be all sugar, have this healthy skeleton for dipping.

9) Dexter Blood Slides

Dexter_blood_Slide halloween

Unleash your inner Dexter with these gruesome slides.

10) Grilled Toads

Grilled_Toads halloween

11) Worms in Dirt

worms_in_dirt halloween

A freshly dug grave with worms in dirt.

12) Healthy halloween


Have some healthy halloween snacks with banana ghosts and satsuma pumpkins.

Have a look on our Pinterest Halloween board for more ideas.

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