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111 Years December Call Celebrations

By Luphil

Today 111 years ago, Master CVV initiated the annual December Call celebrations. He established two annual celebrations as days for group initiation – the “Master May Call Day” on 29 May 1910, and the “Master December Call Day” on 29 December 1910. These gatherings are meant for lifting up those who align to it to the awareness of the energy of synthesis, also called the Avatar of Synthesis. The December Call is to strengthen the inner light so that we eliminate the undesirable in us, strengthen the seeds and eliminate the weeds. This leads to an expansion of consciousness and the related deeper understanding.

The energy of synthesis is much better expressed when we relate to the Master energy in a groupal manner. The impact has become global, and now the December Call is also celebrated at many places all over the globe. We just have group meetings where the presence of the energy is clearly felt. This group linking through virtual global meetings is speeding up the development, in all facets of life a spiritual value is added, while outwardly we are going through very peculiar times – times of profound transformation.

111 Years December Call Celebrations
Master CVV

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