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11 Quick Tips to Organise Makeup Products

By Subha Bose

Quick Tips to Organise Makeup beauty Products
Well, organised makeup and beauty products not only makes you feel good, but it also makes your life easy. Organising beauty products help in saving your time and makes you vanity more spacious by helping you identify the products that you never use and the expired one. If you are wondering "How to organize your makeup or beauty products?" Here, I have sorted down few tips which will help you organize your makeup product in a jiffy!
Store & Organise:
Quick Tips to Organise Makeup beauty Products
  • Store the products which you use frequently and the one which you use on special occasions separately.
  • Put your daily wear products in a more accessible place.
  • Products like eye shadows and blush, which are occasionally used can be stored in a plastic box or cardboard box.
  • When you are getting ready for a special occasion keep all the products required to get the look in a place and start doing your makeup, it saves time and helps you get ready on time.
  • Do have  the same color blush, eye shadow palette or lipstick? Keep those duplicates in a separate box, and check that box whenever you plan to buy a new product.
  • Go for rectangle and square shape storage, as they are more compact than other shapes.
Let it Go:
Quick Tips to Organise Makeup beauty Products
  • Keep products which you use and ditch the rest. Yes, to heard me right, throw it away, if you have not been using it for  6 months I am sure you won't use it shortly.
  • Everyone would have a lip color which doesn't suit us even a bit, get rid of it. 
  • Give the products which you have never worn to willingly friend or family member, dump the expired ones.
  • Last but not the least keep the products back in place, procrastination is the biggest EVIL!

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