11 Best Fake iPhone Text Generator Websites

Posted on the 18 September 2021 by Thegeek

You may have seen screenshots of messages sent on iPhones while browsing social media platforms. These conversations look exactly like messages sent on iPhones and can be used to create funny message threads or to prank someone.

So, if you're wondering the trick behind these messages, then you should know about fake iPhone text generators. These tools are used to replicate the structure and UI of messaging on iPhone and you can customize the text that is being sent back and forth.

Due to the huge number of options for fake iPhone text generators out there, it can be quite confusing to choose the ones that actually work and don't fill your computer or phone with malware. In this article, we have scoured the internet and listed the best options for fake iPhone text generators out there.

11 Fake iPhone Text Generator Online Tools

11 Best Fake iPhone Text Generator Websites

This is one of the best options to generate text conversations that look exactly like the real deal. The website offers a zero-frills user interface and allows you to customize various factors in the iOS message screenshot. You can even change the percentage of the battery that shows up on the screenshot.

This tool is completely free to use, and shows no ads or irrelevant content on the website. Once you're done with the customization, you can download the screenshot right away and share it on social media or send it your friends. '

Visit: iOS7Text

iMessage Fake Chat

11 Best Fake iPhone Text Generator Websites

This iPhone fake text generator is perhaps the most polished and easy to use platform for this purpose. The website is presented in a very nice user interface with clear instructions on how to use this tool.

You can manually change the battery options, connection parameters, phone settings, and the messages themselves. Also, you can drag and drop the messages in the appropriate positions directly in the preview. The messages can also be removed from the preview interface, which makes it really easy to arrange multiple messages.

Visit: iMessage Fake Chat

Foxsash iOS

11 Best Fake iPhone Text Generator Websites

Another great option to create fake iPhone message screenshots is to use the website Foxsash. Firstly, you can change the version of the iOS device that you want the screenshot in. Also, there are separate settings to customize the name, operator, clock time, contact name, and the message that you want to store.

You also get a slider to change the battery percentage that shows up on the phone, and toggle the percentage values on or off. The website also provides a handy emoji list to add them easily on PC.

Visit: Foxsash Fake iPhone Text Generator iOS


11 Best Fake iPhone Text Generator Websites

This tool is also great for creating fake iPhone messages in an intuitive manner. The website offers almost all the options needed to personalize the messages and other parameters related to the phone.

You also get the options to directly share your created images to various social media sites. The user interface is simple to use, and provides a preview of your messages on the left side, with the options present on the right.

Visit: iPhoneFakeText

11 Best Fake iPhone Text Generator Websites

Another option that you can use for creating fake iPhone message screenshots is ifaketext. The website presents you the options with the layout of an iPhone. You can change the text for 4 message boxes, and you can change whether they are 'received', 'blue', or 'green'.

You can also add multiple lines to the conversation to make it longer. When you're done with customizing the messages, you just need to tap on the 'Submit' button to generate the final image. You can also directly share this image to multiple social media and image hosting platforms using the share options.

Visit: ifaketext

11 Best Fake iPhone Text Generator Websites

This website offers you control of many features that you can change according to your needs to create a unique fake iPhone message. You get the modern user interface of iOS messages to work with, and the messages can be easily added using the text box on the webpage.

Some of the parameters that you can change include phone settings, battery values, connection names and levels, and upload images from your device to include them in the conversation.

Visit: ios8text


11 Best Fake iPhone Text Generator Websites

This is one of the apps available for android devices that lets you create very realistic iPhone fake messages. Apart from iMessage, you can also use the other messaging app types, like Messenger, Whatsapp, and a few others.

With this tool, you can also create videos of conversations directly. There are quite a few resources that you can use in this app to customize your iPhone fake messages. Overall, the features included in this app make it a great option for iPhone fake text generator.

Download: MeMiMessage

Fake Messages

11 Best Fake iPhone Text Generator Websites

This is another Android app to create fake iPhone chat messages directly from your phone. You can choose different message templates, including Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, and iMessages.

You can either export the text in the form of an image or make a short video clip with animated text conversations. The smaller details in the screenshots are also tweak-able, and this makes the images feel very real and unique.

Download: Fake Messages

Fake Text Message

11 Best Fake iPhone Text Generator Websites

This is one of the few tools on this list that allows you to create fake iPhone message conversations with the latest user iOS interface. There are several features that yo u can customize with relative ease to make your fake conversations.

This app also offers you options to change battery values, time, and you can also add your own images and stickers to include in the chat. Using this app you can also recreate the homepage of the messaging app to make the conversations even more convincing.

Download: Fake Text Message

iFake - Fake iPhone Text Generator

11 Best Fake iPhone Text Generator Websites

This app allows you to create fake iPhone text messages really quick on your phone. Like the previous apps, you get several different messaging platform templates to choose from. The app allows to add an unlimited number of messages.

The message screenshots created by this app look exactly like the real deal, and can be used to prank people on social media easily. Adding text to the chat boxes is quite easy and you can upload and add any number of images from your phone to create real-like conversations.

Download: iFake


11 Best Fake iPhone Text Generator Websites

Using TextingStory, you can create fake conversations that look exactly real. Using the iOS template, you can create iPhone fake messages and change various options in the screenshots.

New features are added on a regular basis, and you can also create a small video from these conversations to create a story. The images and videos can be easily shared on multiple social media websites.

Download: TextingStory

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