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11-11-11 is the Closest Date to Corduroy EVER!

By Sewchicago @sewchicago

Buy a Tie, Support the Club

What does 11-11-11 look like to you? Try 111111. Lines? How about corduroy wales. Yep, that’s right, corduroy wales. Just visit The Corduroy Appreciation Club and they will tell you all about it. The CAC is a social organization that meets twice a year: 11-11 and 1-11. Both are dates that closely resemble the vertical lines of corduroy wales. Their slogan is “All Wales Welcome” and mascot is, you guessed it, the whale.

This Friday, November 11, bust out the corduroy in appreciation of a cloth the evokes images of well groomed ski slopes, classic 70s wear, and college professors. “Hail the Wale!”

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