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107 Items in the Wardrobe – Still Have ‘nothing to Wear’

Posted on the 26 September 2013 by 72point @72hub

The typical woman’s wardrobe is crammed with 107 different items of clothing – but she still shrieks: “I don’t have anything to wear” at least once a week, research has shown. Issues over items which have been worn recently or ‘don’t go with the outfit’ are the main reasons for the last-minute panic.

Being pictured regularly on Facebook also means dresses or tops are seen as ‘old’ soon after their purchase.

Other reasons for clothes being deemed ‘unsuitable’ included the fact they were too tight, too big, not washed and too creased.

In fact the study found the average woman believes a massive 36% of their clothes are ‘completely unwearable’ and will never be worn again.

Furthermore 15% of clothes have NEVER been worn, the poll by Sharps Bedrooms found.

Rachal Hutchenson, a spokesperson for Sharps – the UK’s leading fitted bedroom furniture specialists – which commissioned the research, said:

”All women are guilty of shrieking that they have nothing to wear.

”It’s natural that you panic when you have an event coming up and you want to look your best and think you don’t have anything suitable to wear. But for the average woman to deem over a third of her wardrobe as unsuitable seems excessive.

”We all have clothes that we go off or that don’t fit as well as they used to, but to rule out so many items of clothing suggests you need to have a clear out and organize your clothes in a better fashion.”

The study also found nearly half of females regularly have an outfit in mind for the day ahead, but often can’t find the items due to wardrobes being rammed with clothes.

In fact, the typical woman spends three minutes every morning hunting for clothes and accessories.

The poll also found 67% of women find it traumatic to find something to wear for a special event, and 64% of those said they always end up buying something new.

Of those polled, nearly a third said their mornings are a mad rush because they can never find anything – 44% have even resorted to yanking something dirty out of the laundry bin.

And half said their mornings would be less stressful if their clothes were organised better – with 72% saying they could do with a big clear out.

Two thirds said their summer and winter clothes were all mixed in together and they didn’t have any kind of system to storing their clothes.

One in five said they regularly fall-out with their husband over not having enough clothes.

So not surprisingly, 36% said they frequently buy clothes and then hide them from their partner.

Top items to go walkabout were belts, tops, gloves and leggings.

One in twenty even said they had clothes that had gone missing for more than two years, and three quarters said they have found clothes at the back of the wardrobe that they had totally forgotten they had.

Rachal Hutchenson added:

”It seems most women’s wardrobes are a chaotic mess, no wonder they struggle to find anything to wear.

”It pays to have a good clear out every so often and to try and get your clothes and accessories in to some kind of order.

”Mornings will be far less stressful if your wardrobe was much better organised and all clothes had a designated place.”


1. Too tight
2. It doesn’t reflect today’s weather
3. Too big
4. It had a mark on it
5. It’s not posh enough
6. Not been washed
7. It’s too creased
8. It looks too upmarket
9. I don’t have a jacket or cardigan that matches
10. It clashed with what my partner was wearing

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