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101 Fun Things to Do in the Summer

By Dudepins @dudepins

The happiest time of your year is in the summer. Summertime is the best time of your life every year, and you certainly don't want to let it go to waste! There are millions of things to do in the summer. The first day of summer is the best day to start the best summer so far. From going to the lake, to going to the beach, to painting a picture, to running a mile, there are plenty of things to do in the summer to make it fun and rememberable. When it comes down to it, summer is the season you will remember for the rest of your life because that's when all the amazing memories from these fun activities happen. The question everyone asks themselves is... "When is the first day os summer?" when they read this list because the only thing they want to do from here on out is create their bucket list and make their summer memorable. Maybe you'll even meet your one true love over the summer, and then reminisce on the song "When I met you i the summer" every time you guys are jamming out in the car. When you get married you can say when I met you in the summer... I knew you were the one. Then you can remember everything you did from this list. You won't want to miss it! Meet your one true love in the summer and fulfill all these amazing bucket list ideas as you start your life together.

101 Fun Things To Do This Summer

1. Get in Shape

101 Fun Things to Do in the Summer


2. Buy a Macbook

3. Take a Painting Class

4. Go on a Hike

5. Drive to the beach with the windows down

101 Fun Things to Do in the Summer


6. Take your friends to swim

7. Go on a cute date with a picnic basket

8. Go to a "The Summer Set" concert

9. Skydiving

10. Hanggliding

101 Fun Things to Do in the Summer


11. Parasailing

12. Swim in the ocean with dolphins

13. Go kayaking in the ocean and in lakes

14. Go kayaking in a pool for giggles

15. Learn how to do flips off the diving board

16. Get a manipedi with mom

17. Hang out the window of a jeep on the highway and scream

18. Trespass at an abandoned building

19. Take hipster pictures and post them to vsco and instagram

19. Watch the Sandlot

101 Fun Things to Do in the Summer


20. Learn how to make the perfect messy bun or man bun

21. Grow out your beard until you can't stand it anymore

22. Get college thoughts and ideas together

23. Get a part time job at an ice cream shop

24. Learn the perfect workout plan

25. Go to a karaoke event

26. Write poetry

27. Try to write a song

28. Concerts

101 Fun Things to Do in the Summer


29. Twenty One Pilots Concert

30. Get a henna tattoo on your hand

31. Wrap your hair and make it Cochella worthy

32. Do something you would never do in your life

33. Watch documentaries on wild life

34. Win over your summer crush

35. Flirt with your crush

36. Send your crush a courageous message

37. Get a summer job that you enjoy

38. Listen to the opposite genre that you normally would, for example try heavy metal

39. Make the lyrics mean something to you

40. Hike the world and explore past the point you are able to legally go

41. Never follow the rules (The best memories are made from broken rules)

42. Make your own kind of philosophy about why the world is the way it is

43. Take a run on the beach

101 Fun Things to Do in the Summer


44. Go to a pizza shop on the boardwalk with friends

45. Make crafts and gifts with your best friend

46. Go to all the grad parties you can

47. Make sure that whatever you do, you're happy

48. Get revenge on the person who broke your heart

49. Pick a dream college and visit the football field

50. Go to a baseball game

101 Fun Things to Do in the Summer

51. Campout by the river

52. Meet your goals in the summer

53. Buy your favorite bathing suit top

54. Go to the farmers market and get stuff to make the best smoothie ever

55. Never stop laughing

101 Fun Things to Do in the Summer


56. Buy your favorite kind of lipstick to slay infront of your crush

57. Go to Goodwill

58. Go 2 days without your phone with your best friend

59. Clean your makeup bag out

60. Organize and redshift your room around

61. Try a fishtail braid

62. Use Facebook to make your favorite recipe

63. Try a different style of clothing

64. Get tan and beautiful

65. Be brave and ask our your crush

66. Be confident in your body

67. Try one smoothie of each flavor

68. Do a research project

69. Kiss a stranger

70. Fill a jar with sand from your favorite beach

71. Relax and detox from stress

72. Go on a group date to the movies

73. Eat healthy but eat what you want while you can

74. Facemasks with your best friend

101 Fun Things to Do in the Summer


75. Go to your little brothers baseball game

76. Live simple

77. Never give up on what makes you truly happy

78. Go out to lunch with a co-worker

79. EDC concert and light shows in the summer

80. Listen to The Summer Set

81. Let the beach overtake you

82. Take your dad out to dinner

83. Learn how to country swing dance

84. Take a Zumba class

85. Travel across the ocean to the other side of the world

86. Encounter a wild animal face to face

87. Let the kids your babysitting do something their parents would never let them do

88. Make your own lemonade

89. Learn everything to know about the company before you start so you can impress

90. Water Balloon Fight

101 Fun Things to Do in the Summer


91. Have a campfire with your friends

92. Go fishing

93. Have a tea party with your best friend

94. Learn how to wakeboard

95. Love the color yellow on a rainy day

96. Eat icepops in 90 degree weather

97. Become a website manager

98. Go to an amusement park

99. Ride a rollar coaster

101 Fun Things to Do in the Summer


100. Go cliff diving

101. Try a triathlon

The second most popular question after when is the first day of summer... is when is the last day of summer? Because no one ever wants these amazing memories and opportunities to end! Depending on where you live, you may have summer 24/7, but the months of June-August are the months that the norm says summer should be. Many people take their vacation days in the summer time so they can live it up and live life to the fullest as an escape of either school or a full time job. There are 101 fun ideas to do in the summer, all of them guaranteed to give you an experience of a lifetime. No one said it would be good or bad, but at least the fun and experience is there. Life is one giant learning lesson, and you learn something new everyday. By adventuring and doing the fun things on this list, you will learn more about yourself and your emotions as well as your peers. If you think about how amazing summer is supposed to be, it is you and the people around you who really are the ones who make it count.

Things like skydiving and parasailing can bring out the worst in you, but things like giving to the poor and volunteering at a hospital can make up for the embarrassment of how scared you were to jump out of the plane. Most of these things have little to no cost, such as hiking or going on a picnic. Little things like cleaning out your makeup bag or letting your best friend give you a haircut can make summer memorable and one of the best ones yet. You want to live them loud as best as you can and remember that it's never too late to start over. You can restart your summer at any given point if you have either a bad day or something traumatic happens. The best day to start is today, and you always have tomorrow to promise yourself that you'll live your life the way you want. Nothing can come between you and your goals if you set your heart to them enough. Swear to yourself that you'll let yourself have the time of your life and you will. Follow these guidelines in the summer to maintain the happiness you had when you read through the list and smiled at you and your love or you and your buddies doing it with you.

A book that the kids can read about having a great summer is " Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer".

This book tells how Judy has planned the most amazing summer in the world with her two very best friends. She finds out that her two best friends have other obligations and that she will have to spend the summer by herself. When she finds this out she is very bummed. She has to spend the summer with her bother and her other friend, and her parents decided to leave her with her grandparents for the summer. She has to find ways to make summer worth it and find ways to create for herself a new canvas. Have children read the book to learn all about what she does.



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