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101 Foods That Start With F

By Thepickyeater @pickyeaterblog

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Did you know there are over 100 foods that start with the Letter F?! We are continuing our food lists from A-Z with this post focusing on foods that start with F! After thinking of fennel, figs, french fries, or fava beans, you might be surprised how many foods we were able to find beginning with F!

101 Foods That Start With F

Here in this post, we share with you over 100 foods that begin with the letter F including a range of fresh fruits, snacks, and beverages for you to try! There are so many different types of food that starts with F, you'll have enough inspiration for recipes and ingredients to last quite a while! For more great food lists check out foods that start with E and foods that start with D.

🍎 Fruits and Vegetables that Start with an F

1. Faerie Watermelon

This watermelon is slightly different from the classic green skin with bright red flesh. Faerie watermelon has yellow outer skin and orange-red flesh. It is oblong and smaller in size than the classic watermelon.

Faerie watermelons contain vitamins A, B, and C. Due to their sweet flavor, they are great to eat fresh, added to salads, or made into frozen desserts.

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2. Fairchild Tangerine

These tangerines are medium-sized and a classic round shape that is slightly flattened on each end. The rind isn't too thick and they have juicy, sweet flesh.

Fairchild Tangerines are grown within California and are rich in vitamins A and C, fiber, and folate. They also contain several minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

They can be eaten raw due to their sweet taste or are often used to make fruit salads or fruit juice. The rind can be candied or added to dishes such as desserts for flavor.

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3. Fairytale Pumpkin

Fairytale Pumpkin, also known as Musque De Provence squash, is a French heirloom variety of pumpkin. This vegetable beginning with f is a classic round shape with tanned orange skin and bright orange flesh.

They are high in vitamins A, B, and C, along with containing omega-3 fatty acids.

Fairytale Pumpkin is creamy and sweet with a slightly spicy scent. It can be sauteed, boiled, or roasted. Once cooked, it is very versatile and can be used in salads, soups, pasta, and stews.

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Fat-Hen is a common plant that grows upright with green diamond-shaped leaves and small white flowers. Though classed as a weed, it is a member of the spinach family and used to be commonly consumed in place of spinach or cabbage.

Fat-hen is high in vitamins A, B, and C, along with various minerals such as iron, calcium, and potassium. It is also rich in protein and fiber.

This plant is a great replacement for spinach, but can also be served in salads or as a green alongside meat.

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Feijoas are native to Brazil and South America, but are most popularly grown within New Zealand. They resemble a smooth lime on the outside but appear more like a cucumber when cut open.

Also known as "pineapple guava", they are full of vitamin C, high in fiber, magnesium, potassium, and antioxidants.

Feijoas can be consumed raw, but are also used as a replacement for bananas and apples. They are often baked in pastries and tarts. The flowers from feijoa plants are also used to steeped make tea.

6. Fengyuan Eggplant

Fengyuan eggplants are one of the longest growing varieties. Unlike standard eggplant, Fengyuan eggplants almost resemble a chili pepper in shape with deep purple skin. They are native to Taiwan and are commonly used within Asia.

Fengyuan eggplants are high in fiber, manganese, and potassium.

With its sweet flavor, it is often used in stir-fries, curries, stews, soups, and served with rice.

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Fennel is a vegetable that is part of the carrot family. It grows stalks from a bulb above the ground with feathery leaves.

Fennel is full of nutrients such as vitamin C, fiber, and potassium.

Every part of a fennel plant is edible and can be eaten cooked or raw. As it's cooked, it sweetens and softens.

It is often used in salads, soups, pasta, or even roasted as a side dish.

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8. Fibrous Satinash

Fibrous Satinash is a type of fruit tree native to forests within Indonesia. The red fruits are flat on the top and bottom, and round in shape.

This fruit is often used to help reduce hypertension. With a sour taste, Fibrous Satinash is mostly used to make jam and jellies.

9. Fiddlehead

Fiddleheads are a common vegetable that starts with the letter f, that comes from the young shoots of an ostrich fern. They grow in wild parts of the northeastern United States and Canada.

Fiddleheads are low in calories and contain vitamin C, potassium, and niacin.

When harvested, ensure to wash thoroughly. They can then be sauteed, steamed, or added to soups and stir-fries. Fiddleheads have a taste similar to asparagus and spinach, so make a great alternative to these popular green vegetables.

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10. Field Garlic

Field garlic is an edible wild plant that grows in a range of places from your lawn to your local woodland. It has a similar appearance to chives with long green leaves and small bulbs similar to green onions. It will also have a garlic smell when the leaves are broken.

The whole plant is edible including the bulbs. It is often used as a replacement for chives or green onions in cooking. Field garlic can also be added to salads to add a delicious garlic flavor.

Field garlic, similar to all types of garlic, contains vitamins A and C, along with calcium, sodium, and iron. Field garlic is also effective in lowering blood pressure.

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11. Field Pepperweed

Field Pepperweed comes from the mustard plant family, Brassicaceae. It has long thick stems with leaves growing from top to bottom. There are white flowers that grow at the top.

This plant contains vitamins A and C, along with protein and iron.

Field Pepperweed is completely edible with a similar flavor to pepper. The flowers and leaves are often eaten with a salad. The whole plant can be blended in a food processor with seasoning to make wild mustard.

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Figs are a commonly known food beginning with F. It is a deep purple fruit with pink flesh. They are most commonly grown in Mediterranean countries on trees and teardrop in shape.

Figs are low in calories and are rich in vitamin B6 and Copper. They also contain vitamin K, potassium, thiamine, copper, and fiber.

They are a sweet fruit and make a great addition to salads, bruschetta, cakes, grilled or roasted.

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13. Finger Grapes

Finger grapes or witch finger grapes are long, slender versions of the standard grapes we see in the supermarket. They are sweet in flavor with thin skin making them appealing to eat compared to other grape varieties.

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14. Finger Lime

Finger limes are tube-shaped fruit that has dull brown skin with clear, bubble-like flesh. Popular in Australia, finger limes are often paired with seafood and vegetables.

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15. Fingerling Potatoes

Fingerling potatoes are a vegetable that starts with f, that are small and long in shape. They have thin skin and grow in a range of colors from red and purple to yellow and golden. Fingerling potatoes are often added to salads or roasted as a side dish.

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16. Fiore Viola Artichoke

A large purple flower has tightly packed leaves and offers a sweeter flavor to standard artichoke. Fiore Viola Artichoke is full of antioxidants, high in folate, fiber, and vitamin C.

Fiore Viola Artichoke is often steamed is a common ingredient added to pizza, pasta, and salads.

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17. Fioretto

Fioretto is a hybrid of broccoli and cauliflower. The stalks are pale green with small golden florets on top. Fioretto provides a slightly sweeter flavor to cauliflower and can be used as an alternative to cauliflower in recipes.

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18. Flat Bean

Flat beans are similar to runner beans but flatter and less stringy. They can be eaten raw or cooked and provide a sweet addition to salads and pasta or served as a side dish. Flat beans are a good source of vitamins A, B, C, and K.

19. Flat Lemon

Also known as Shekwasha, this fruit looks similar to a lime, green and round, and turns orange when ripe. It contains high levels of vitamin C and is more acidic than other citrus fruits.

Flat lemon is often used to make lemon juice or for cooking in place of other citrus fruits.

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20. Flatwoods Plum

Flatwoods plums grow on trees native to the U.S. Due to containing Hydrogen cyanide, they are quite bitter. Flatwoods plums are most often used to make jams and jellies.

21. Florida Avocado

Florida avocados are a large variety of avocado that contains less fat and calories than other varieties. Unlike Haas avocadoes, Florida avocados have smooth skin and have a slightly tropical flavor. They are often used in salads and sandwiches or to make guacamole. Florida avocados are a high source of protein, potassium, and vitamins C, K, and E.

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22. Florina Pepper

Florina peppers are named after the area of Macedonia they are grown in. They are deep red and sweet in flavor. Being highly versatile, they can be used in several ways e.g. in pasta dishes, sauces, on salads, roasted, or most commonly stuffed with meat, rice, shrimp, or feta.

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23. Fluted Pumpkin

Also called Ugu, fluted pumpkins are widely grown and consumed in West Africa. They are long, pale green, and fluted all the way around.

Although the fruit is inedible, fluted pumpkins are grown for their seeds and leaves. They are rich in fiber, manganese, protein, folic acid, and vitamins.

The leaves are often used in soups or stews and the seeds are pressed to make oil.

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24. Fonzy Melon

Fonzy melon is round with yellow, thin skin grown in Mexico. It is sweet in flavor, similar to honeydew. Similar to Canary melon, Fonzy melon is a good source of vitamins A and C. Fonzy melon is often served to be eaten freshly cut as a healthy snack.

25. Forelle Pear

Forelle pears are a delicious fruit beginning with f, characterized by their red and green speckled skin with white flesh. They are a small variety of pear with a sweet taste. Forelle pears are often used in salads or baked desserts.

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26. Forono Beets

Forono beets are a type of beetroot. Unlike regular beetroot, forono beets grow in a long cylindrical shape. They are sweeter in flavor without compromising their health benefits. Forono beets are full of vitamin B, iron, copper, and magnesium. Beetroot can be consumed raw but is often added to salads or hummus.

27. Fox Grape

Fox grapes are grown in America and are commonly used to make jelly, juice, or wine. Depending upon when they are picked, fox grapes are sweet-tart or sweet in flavor.

Fox grapes have been suggested to boost your immunity and are anti-inflammatory.

28. Framboise Apples

Framboise apples are a fruit beginning with f known for their dark, brown-black skin. It is firm with a similar taste to raspberries and makes a good dessert or cooking apple. They are a good flavor pairing with pork or make a nice fruit crumble. Framboise apples are a good source of fiber and vitamin C.

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29. Freckles Lettuce

Freckles lettuce is a loose-leaf lettuce that grows in a vase shape. The leaves are green with brown speckles, hence the name.

This lettuce contains vitamin A and several minerals including fiber, iron, and potassium.

Freckles lettuce is enjoyed eaten raw and can be substituted where romaine lettuce is used in recipes.

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30. French Beans

French beans are longer and thinner than green beans. They contain vitamins A and C and can be consumed raw or cooked. French beans are often sauteed with butter or steamed and served as a side.

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31. Fried Chicken Mushroom

Fried chicken mushrooms are a type of mushroom that grows in clusters. They have a long, thin stem and dark brown dome top.

These mushrooms are full of vitamins B, D, and K, along with high levels of fiber and copper.

Fried chicken mushrooms have a meaty, chewy texture similar to fried chicken. They are often used in soups and stir-fries in Asian cuisine.

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Frisee is a type of lettuce from the chicory family. It has a bitter, peppery flavor and can be eaten raw in salads, or sauteed with other green vegetables. Similar to other lettuces, Frisee contains vitamins A, B, and K, along with folic acid and manganese.

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Fucales is a type of brown algae, or seaweed with a savory, salty taste often described as unami. Seaweed is high in vitamins and minerals containing iodine, calcium, and iron.

34. Fuji Apple

Fuji apples are one of those super common fruits that start with the letter f. They are grown in the U.S., Japan, and China. They have a mixed sweet-tart flavor and are popular for baking as they retain their shape. Fuji apples are good to use in apple pies, turnovers, or crumbles.

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35. Fukushu Kumquat

This citrus fruit grows in Japan and looks similar to an orange but bell-shaped. Fukushu Kumquat is tangy and sweet and is commonly used in salads, salsa, or served with fish and meat.

Fukushu Kumquat contains a high amount of vitamin C along with vitamins A and E. It is also a good source of fiber, calcium, and iron.

36. Fun Jen Cabbage

Fun Jen cabbage is similar in appearance to lettuce with long, crisp leaves. It is commonly found in Asia and is regularly eaten in Taiwanese cuisine.

Fun Jen offers a range of health benefits including vitamins B and C, calcium, zinc, and folate.

As the leaves are sweet, it is popular in salads or sandwiches and is cooked in soups or stir-fries.

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Fungi refer to a range of living organisms found all over the world. Some of them are edible such as yeast and some varieties of mushrooms. Other different varieties include button mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, and portabello mushrooms.

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38. Futsu Squash

Futsu Squash is a vegetable starts with the letter f, that you'll recognize immediately because it's a deep brown-black pumpkin with bumpy skin. It's typically grown in Japan. The flesh is orange with a nutty flavor and is perfect for roasting or baking into pies and soups.

Futsu squash is a good source of vitamins A and C, along with fiber, calcium, and iron.

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39. Fuyu Persimmon

Fuyu persimmons are a circular fruit that starts with f with a flat top and bottom. They do not contain any seeds and are soft when ripe. It is sweet with a honey-like flavor and often described as similar to apricot in texture.

Fuyu persimmons contain a high amount of fiber and vitamin A. They also have vitamins C, E, B-6, and K.

They are often eaten raw or used in sauces, jams, jellies, tarts, and ice cream.

40. Fodder Melon

Related to watermelon, fodder melon is similar on the outside with green skin with white patches. But inside contains a hard, almost clear flesh. As the flesh is hard, is it often used to make fruit preserves or even pickled.

41. False Strawberry

Also known as mock strawberry, India strawberry, or Potentilla indica, false strawberry is a type of wild strawberry with very little to no taste. They are small and round with raised bumps on their skin. False strawberries are often used in combination with other berries to make jam and jellies.

🥨 Snacks, Condiments, and Spices that Start with an F

Farina, also known as Cream of Wheat, is a type of milled wheat flour. It has a coarser consistency to white flour and is made into a breakfast similar to oatmeal. To make farina, heat milk in a pan and add farina flour. You can then choose to add additional flavors as farina is tasteless, such as cinnamon, honey, or cocoa powder.

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Fucales is a type of brown algae, or seaweed with a savory, salty taste often described as unami. Seaweed is high in vitamins and minerals containing iodine, calcium, and iron.

44. Fava Bean

Fava beans, commonly known as broad beans, are a type of legume available to purchase as pods, dried, canned, or frozen. They grow in green pods and are peeled before consumption.

They are full of beneficial nutrients such as vitamin B, iron, fiber, potassium, and protein.

Fava beans have a creamy and slightly nutty flavor. They can be used in a range of meals from soups to falafel, added to pestos and salads, and even served as a side vegetable with meat.

Farro is a type of whole grain containing fiber, protein, and antioxidants. It has a slightly nutty flavor and is often used in place of other grains such as rice or quinoa.

46. Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are tiny seeds taken from the fennel plant and are often used as a spice to flavor a range of dishes. They provide an aniseed flavor that is enhanced when the seeds are ground or toasted.

The seeds are often used to flavor fish, meat, or vegetables. Fennel is commonly used within bread and chutneys, along with being a key ingredient to making Chinese five-spice.

47. Fenugreek Seeds

This medium-sized plant has green leaves, white flowers, and pods of brown seeds. Fenugreek seeds are commonly used within Indian dishes for their sweet, nutty flavor.

Fenugreek seeds contain several minerals such as manganese, magnesium, and iron, along with fiber and protein.

Fenugreek seeds are often used to make spice blends such as garam masala or Indian five-spice.

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48. Field Pea

Field peas are a type of legume and come from the species 'cowpeas' along with crowder peas, and Blackeye peas.

They are high in fiber and protein. The peas can be eaten at all stages of growth, but are most commonly used when fully grown. They taste similar to black eyed peas and hence can be used as an alternative in dishes such as salads, vegetable bakes, hummus, or stews.

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Filberts are another word to describe hazelnuts. Filberts grow on trees and are the edible nut from the tree. They are most commonly known around the world as a key ingredient for making Nutella.

Filberts are full of vitamin E, protein, and fiber.

They are often used to make praline in desserts, chocolate truffles, or added to chocolate bars.

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50. Filé Powder

Also known as gumbo file, file powder is native to North America. It is a herbal powder made from dried and ground sassafras tree leaves.

File powder is often used in gumbo recipes as a thickener.

51. Finger Millet

Finger millet is a type of grain and is most commonly used in Africa and Southeast Asia. Full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, finger millet is often used to make bread, beer, and cereal.

52. Fish Wort

Fish Wort is a type of herb that grows in areas of Asia. It has gained its name due to being described as 'fishy' with a strong smell. It is often consumed in salads or as a garnish. Fish wort is said to have beneficial properties supporting detoxification, helping constipation, and treating high blood pressure.

53. Fordhooks

Also known as large lima beans or butter beans, fordhooks are large beans that are flat and cream. They are often dried before being sold and can be added to soups and casseroles.

Fordhooks are high in fiber and low in fat. They also contain calcium, iron, sodium, and protein.

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54. Flageolet Bean

Flageolet beans originated in France and are pale with a kidney shape. They have a mild taste and are traditionally cooked with lamb. Like other beans, they are often used in soups, salads, and stews. Flageolet beans provide nutritional benefits such as protein, fiber, folate, and iron.

55. Flax / Flaxseed

Flaxseeds are the seeds from the flax plant, which is a flowering plant grown all over the world. They are classed as a superfood due to their nutritional value and health benefits. Flaxseeds are full of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B1 and B6, folate, calcium, omega-3, and potassium. They have a mild flavor with only a slight nuttiness, which makes them incredibly versatile. The seeds can be added to cereal, smoothies, sandwiches, or yogurt. It is also often made into a powder or oil.

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Also known as Makhanas, fox nuts are seeds from lotus flowers. Commonly used in Indian cuisine as Indian sweets or added to kheer, raita, and makhana curry. Fox nuts are high in calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

Freekah is a brown grain made from durum wheat. It has a nutty and smoky flavor and is often used in stews, salads, and soups. Freekah can be a good substitute for rice or barley.

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58. Fishpaste & Fish Sauce

Fishpaste is made by fermenting deboned fish over a long period of time to leave a creamy puree or paste. It is frequently consumed in Southeast Asia as a condiment with rice dishes. Fish sauce is similar to fish paste but it's not cooked for as long, and it's a liquid vs. a paste like consistency. Sometimes fish sauce has other seasonings and flavors added to it as well.

🍲 Foods That Start With F: Side Dishes

Falafel originated in the Mediterranean Region and the Middle East, and is made of chickpeas, fresh herbs, and spices. The mixture is blended in a food processor before being molded into a ball. They are then fried and often served with tahini, salad, and/or pita bread.

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60. Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is commonly consumed as part of a Mediterranean diet. This firm, white cheese originating from Greece, is made from sheep or goat's milk. It has a unique creamy, tangy flavor and is great to use in salads, pizza, quiche, pasta, roasted with meat or vegetables.

Feta cheese is high in calcium and low in fat when compared to other cheeses such as cheddar cheese.

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61. Focaccia

Focaccia bread is a type of Italian bread baked in flat sheet pans. Fresh foccacia is so delicious.- it's one of my favorite foods that start with F! The dough is often flavored with herbs, vegetables, and olive oil before being baked. It is often cut into long rectangles or squares and is eaten with soup or salads.

62. Flatbread

Flatbreads are a staple food, popular around the world. They are made from soft, thin, unleavened dough, and have slight variations depending upon where you live such as chapati, naan, roti, or pita.

They are often served with salad, falafels, coleslaw, or can be stuffed with meat and/or cooked vegetables.

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63. French Fries

The french fry is a popular food all over the world - they're long, thin crisps made from potatoes. This fast food item is often deep-fried, but a healthier alternative would be to bake them in the oven. French fries can be eaten as a snack or as a side with the main meal.

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When you think of fondue, you are probably thinking of melted cheese. Fondue is a melted dip that can be cheese, chocolate, or hot oil. Once the dip is melted, different complimentary food items are dipped e.g. bread with cheese fondue, or fruit slices with chocolate fondue.

Farce is a type of stuffing made of pureed meat combined with egg, bread, and cream. White meat is often used such as pieces of chicken, fish, shellfish, or sometimes lean meats such as pork fillet.

Fritters can be plain or with additional ingredients. A plain fritter is a deep-fried cake mixture or choux paste.

Fritters can have added ingredients such as vegetables, fruit, or meat. Your chosen ingredients are dipped in the batter and then deep-fried.

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Fufu is a West African dish consisting of either cassava (or cassava flour), yams, or plantains that are boiled and then pounded. The dough-like mixture is shaped into balls and then dipped in sauces or to soak up stews and soup.

68. Frumenty

Frumenty is a medieval dish that is now often served for breakfast at Christmas. This whole grain wheat porridge was traditionally made with almond milk or meat broth. More modern versions include additional flavors with fruit, orange zest, cream, and spices.

🌿 Vegetarian Dishes That Start With The Letter F

69. French Toast

French toast is a sweet dish often served at breakfast. The bread is flavored with vanilla and cinnamon. It is dipped in an egg and milk mixture and then pan-fried. French toast is often served with fresh fruit and syrup.

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70. Fettuccine

Fettuccine is another word for tagliatelle. These are long strips of pasta that are flat and wider than spaghetti. Fettuccine is often used to create pasta dishes with tomato sauce or with rich, creamy sauces e.g. Fettuccine Alfredo.

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71. Fedelini

Similar to spaghetti only thinner, fedelini pasta is shaped in long strands. It cooks quickly and is often served with a tomato-based sauce. Fedelini can be used in place of spaghetti or vermicelli.

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72. Farfalle

Farfalle is a type of pasta made in the shape of a bow. Farfalle is often used with creamy sauces, in pasta salad, or cooked with seafood.

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🍖 Meat Dishes That Start With An F

73. Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon is a cut of meat from the end part of the tenderloin of a cow. It is extremely tender and when cooked, falls apart offering a delicate texture.

This classic Mexican dish contains seasoned meat and vegetables that are grilled and then served in a wrap - like a flour tortilla or corn tortilla. Chicken or beef are common to use in fajitas with a choice of vegetables, peppers, and onions being the most common. Vegetarian fajitas will typically use sauteed veggies and beans instead of the meat.

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75. Finnan Haddie

This Scottish seafood dish is made using thick fillets of haddock. The haddock is traditionally hung in a smoker over oak shavings. The smoked haddock is then used in several dishes such as Kedgeree, in leek sauce, or with eggs benedict.

Fish is a popular dish around the world with different species enjoyed in a variety of meals. Flathead fish and Flounder fish are popular for battering but can also be poached and steamed.

In Japan, Fugu Blowfish is a delicacy and must be prepared by a professionally trained chef due to its poison. If prepared incorrectly, consuming Fugu Blowfish could be deadly.

77. Flank Steak

Flank steak is a lean cut of beef suitable for grilling, sauteing, roasting, or broiling. As it is lean, it is important not to overcook it so it doesn't become too dry.

Fowl is often used to describe different birds that are consumed including chickens, pheasants, turkey, duck, and guinea fowl.

Fowl is cooked in a range of ways including roasted, fried, baked, and steamed. It can be used as a main dish served with vegetables, on pizza, in pasta, or salads.

Like other game meat, fox meat is also edible, though can be tough to eat. It requires soaking overnight in salt water to tenderize and is served with green vegetables.

80. French Onion Soup

French Onion soup is classic in French cuisine. The soup is traditionally made with beef stock or broth and consists of caramelized onions topped with cheesy bread.

81. Foreshank

A foreshank is a section of a cow's front leg that may also include part of the shoulder. This piece of meat is quite tough and needs cooking for a long time, hence is often braised.

82. Frittata

Frittatas are an Italian dish similar to an omelet but larger and are cooked on the stove and then finished in the oven. They are made with a base mixture of egg, milk, and cheese. Frittatas can then have a range of ingredients added such as ham, bacon, potatoes, green vegetables, or tomatoes.

83. Fricassee

A fricassee is a classic French dish of meat, most often chicken, cooked in a white sauce. Chicken fricassee is slow-cooked in a pan with a white wine sauce. The chicken is first cut into pieces and then fried till brown before the white sauce is added. It can be served with a side of vegetables, bread, or potatoes.

84. Fricandeau

Fricandeau refers to a slice of meat, usually veal, that has been cut from the leg of an animal. Before being cooked, the meat is pounded flat and larded on one side. It is then slowly braised and basted with the meat juices.

85. Frankfurter

You have probably come across Frankfurters in your local supermarket. These long, German sausages are made from pork meat and are larger than typical hot dogs. They are boiled in a pan of water and often enjoyed inside a long bread bun.

86. Frog Legs

Frogs Legs are a delicacy often eaten in France, Japan, Thailand and in Chinese cuisine as well. They taste similar to a cross between fish and chicken. Frogs' legs are often deep-fried in breadcrumbs or cooked in soups and stews.

87. Fruit de Mer

Fruit de Mer is a traditional French dish consisting of raw and cooked shellfish served cold. Mussels, shrimp, and oysters are often included.

Fabada is a traditional dish from the Asturias region of Spain. It combines chorizo and morcilla sausages, pork belly, and white beans. Fabada is similar to a stew and can be served with bread or green vegetables.

89. Feijoada

Feijoada is a Brazilian bean stew made with black beans, smoked pork, and beef. A vegetarian version can also be made with vegetables and beans instead of the meat. It is often served with white rice and greens.

🍰 Desserts That Start With An F

90. Fasnacht

Fasnacht, also known as mardi gras donuts', is a type of donut originating in Germany. They are served in Pennsylvania Dutch Country on the last day of Lent, known as Fastnacht Day. They are often shaped into squares or triangles but are usually round for Lent.

The donuts do not have a hole in the middle and traditionally are served sliced in half with butter and maple syrup inside.

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A fig roll is a type of British biscuit. It has sweet pastry on the outside and is filled with a sticky fig paste, similar to the consistency of jam.

92. Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is one of those universally loved foods beginning with f. They often include a range of fresh diced fruit that sits in fruit juice or yogurt. The fruit used is often sweet fruit such as strawberries, melon, kiwi, pineapple, and grapes. Fruit salad is often used for healthy snacks or light desserts.

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93. Fruitcake

Fruitcake is a small cake cooked in a loaf tin. The cake mixture consists of dried fruit such as cherries, raisins, apricots, and sultanas. The dried fruit is often soaked in rum before being baked. Fruitcake is very dense, is stored at room temperature, and is often served sliced with butter.

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94. Frosting

Frosting is made with powdered sugar and a choice of liquid such as water, milk, or juice. It is thick, sweet, and usually added to the top of cakes or cupcakes.

95. Frangipane

Frangipane is the name of a creamy mixture that is often used to fill tarts. Frangipane consists of almonds, butter, sugar, and eggs that are blended. The mixture can be added to a pastry tart before baking.

A popular example of a Frangipane is a Bakewell tart. This has a pastry casing that is filled with layers of frangipane and jam, finally topped with flaked almonds.

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96. Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is one of my favorite foods that start with F! They can make a delicious, cooling summer snack. Frozen yogurt requires greek yogurt, maple syrup, or honey, and your choice of flavoring e.g. bananas, strawberries, or chocolate powder. The benefit of making your own at home is that it won't include any artificial sweeteners or excess sugar.

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97. Flapjacks

Flapjacks are a melt in your mouth, oaty tray-baked biscuit. Made with oats, butter, and golden syrup (or any sugar syrup) as the key ingredients, flapjacks are super sweet, chewy, and soft. You can add a range of additional ingredients to suit your taste preferences such as cinnamon, apple, or chocolate.

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Fudge is a popular candy made from butter, sugar, and milk. Fudge is sweet and soft, almost melting in your mouth. Different flavors can be added to create several varieties such as vanilla, chocolate, salted caramel, or peanut butter.

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Flan is a simple, creamy, caramel custard dessert. It is cooked in a water bath placed in the oven so that the steam cooks the flan evenly. The flan is cooled and then tipped upside down to reveal the rich caramel topping and baked custard dessert base.

🍹 Beverages that Start With An F

A Frappe is a type of iced drink with the ingredients blended with ice and then topped with whipped cream and sauces. A popular frappe is a coffee frappe that is made with cooked coffee, ice and milk blended.

101. Falooda

Falooda is an Indian dessert drink made from rose syrup, sweet basil seeds, milk, ice cream, jello, vermicelli noodles, and nuts. The ingredients are layered to create a beautiful display of textures and different colors in one sweet dessert. Variations include chocolate, berry, mango, or nut falooda.

In addition to these two beverages, there are actually over 200 other drinks that start with F. See this guide for every alcoholic beverage that starts with the letter f!

💭 Final Thoughts

From figs to flaxseeds, fajitas to flan, this list of foods that starts with the letter F has got you covered. If you are looking for foods from around the world, or simply want to learn about new foods you haven't heard of before, then this list is a great place to start. For more food inspiration and education, take a look at the rest of the guides within this A-Z food list series:

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