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1000 Years of European Borders-In 3 Minutes

By Inspirion @GoodMood20
1000 years of European

1000 Years of European Borders-In 3 Minutes


If you are one of those people who loved history in high-school then you will definitely be amazed by the following time lapse video. This interesting map shows 1000 years of European borders change in just 3 minutes, and was created using software from the “Centennia Historical Atlas”.

Even though the dates are approximate, you can still pretty accurately follow the the rise and fall of the Holy Roman, Ottoman and Golden Horde empires, the victories of the Mongols or actual creation of modern countries such as Germany,Italy and Poland.

It’s somehow scary to realize how much and how often wars were able to change the European borders. We can only hope that future shifts will be made peacefully and that we have actually learned from the mistakes of our forebears.

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