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100 Ways to Say Well-done

Posted on the 03 November 2011 by Combi31 @combi31

Why is so difficult to tell someone that they are doing a good job? Perhaps we lack this vital element of vocabulary when the moment arrives ..It’s a vital part of every person’s people-skills – be positive and rewarding!Sometimes it seems like it is not an integral part of the company or individual’s culture. So that you can easily express your gratitude when someone does a good job – here is a list – a bit of a cheat-sheet.Just remember to be authentic and genuine, as a false or ironic compliment is probably the worst!1.   That’s great2.   Good job3.   Excellent4.   I appreciate that5.   That’s looking good6.   Good work7.   Great work8.   You’re doing well9.   Good to have you on the team10.   You made the difference11.   Exceptional12.   Thanks for the extra ….13.   Wonderful14.   That is so significant15.   Superb16.   Perfect17.   Just what was needed18.   Centre button19.   A significant contribution20.   Wow21.   Fantastic22.   Thanks you23.   Just what the doctor ordered24.   First class25.   Nice job26.   Way to go27.   Far out28.   Just the ticket29.   You are a legend30.   Very professional31.   Where would we be without you32.   Brilliant33.   Top marks34.   Impressive35.   You hit the target36.   Neat37.   Cool38.   Bullseye39.   How did you get so good40.   Beautiful41.   Just what was wanted42.   Right on the money43.   Great44.   Just right45.   Congratulations46.   Very skilled47.   I’m glad you’re on my team48.   It is good to work with you49.   You did us proud50.   This is going to make us shine51.   Well done52.   I just love it53.   You are fantastic54.   Great job55.   Professional as usual56.   You take the biscuit every time57.   I’m proud of you58.   Don’t ever leave us59.   Are you good or what?60.   The stuff of champions61.   Cracking job62.   First class job63.   Magnificent64.   Bravo65.   Amazing66.   Simply superb67.   Triple A68.   Perfection69.   Poetry in motion70.   Sheer class71.   World class72.   Polished performance73.   Class act74.   Unbelievable75.   Gold plated76.   Just classic77.   Super78.   Now you’re cooking79.   You are so good80.   You deserve a pat on the back81.   Tremendous job82.   Unreal83.   Treasure84.   Crash hot85.   You beauty86.   The cat’s whiskers87.   I just can’t thank you enough88.   You always amaze me89.   Magic90.   Another miracle91.   Terrific92.   What a star93.   Colossal94.   Wonderful95.   Top form96.   You’re one of a kind97.   Unique98.   Way out99.   Incredible100.   AceI would love to acknowledge the person who made this list but I can’t remember where it came from – sorry, and thank you, whoever you are!

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